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Your Foundation is Crumbling: What Possible Solutions

Have you noticed that the foundation of your house is falling apart or cracking? The causes are diverse, including a moisture problem, poor workmanship at the time of construction, or any other natural cause. The mission of the expert foundation contractor is to diagnose the cause of the problem to provide lasting solutions through foundation repair Utah.

There are several approaches to repairing foundations like complete repair and local repair. To find out more, here are the explanations of our foundation repair specialist to read below…

The reasons for a weakening of the foundations

Before any intervention, the building expert will determine the cause(s) of the problem related to your foundation. There are many causes of a crumbling foundation, whether the building is old or new.

  • Rising damp at ground level
  • A facade flowering in the type of whitish traces
  • A lack of height in the basement or an absence of a crawl space
  • Poor quality concrete pour
  • An inadequate basement entrances
  • A presence of pyrite or porous materials
  • Construction on unstable ground or in a flood zone
  • Solutions for repairing foundations

The solution suggested by the expert is dependent on the cause of the cracks. There are mostly two methods for repairing a foundation. You can carry out a local repair or intervene on the entire foundation. In both cases, the installation of a French drain system and waterproofing are carried out.

Here are the two most used solutions for repairing a decaying and cracking foundation.

1st solution for repairing foundations: local repair

Repairing a foundation locally is chosen according to several factors:

  • The source of the problem only affects part of the foundation
  • Repair is urgent
  • It is best to carry out the complete repair in two stages
  • Our client’s budget is low

Repairing a problematic crack that represents the only source of water infiltration is a good example where a local repair is a good option. An exterior intervention on 8 linear feet is quite common to repair and protect this area. It can also be a larger section such as two facets of the foundation wall which are in poor condition, unlike the others which are in good condition with the help of the Utah foundation repair.

2nd solution to repair the foundations is a complete repair

The main concern is to meditate on the question area. However, this solution allows not only repair but also prevention. The damaged parts will be repaired, and the rest of the foundation will be protected.

This involves higher costs compared to the first solution. However, this avoids situations where you must come back to a customer a second time to work on the section that has not been protected. Ultimately, this situation is more expensive than doing a full repair from the start for these reasons:

  • Fewer transport costs
  • Fewer related costs (e.g. gravel delivery)
  • Less time for earthworks
  • Landscaping to redo

An American drain and waterproofing with a quality guarantee will protect your entire foundation!

Underpinning construction: the best solution?

The chosen solution is determined by several factors.

This job must be carried out by skilled and proficient companies.

Have you noticed a problem with cracks or humidity in your walls?

For an accurate diagnosis and a free quote, do not hesitate to contact our technical office in Outaouais.

Foundation problem: call in building professionals

Whatever the problem, our team of experts offers you a suitable solution for foundation repair, excavation, and waterproofing with the installation of a French drain, concrete pouring, and elimination of toxic materials such as pyrite.

VOPAA Inc. specializes in structural work:

  • foundation repair
  • The earthwork
  • Excavation
  • The demolition
  • Installation of French drains
  • Foundation Waterproofing

The company has the permits and licenses to practice this profession which requires skill and expertise that we have acquired over more than 10 years. We can repair cracks, upgrade the building structure, and install a French drain for refurbished and long-lasting foundations.

If you have noticed cracks in the foundations or water infiltration in the walls, quickly contact our technical department for a free and detailed quote after a visit from our expert. Trust our company, which is recognized for the quality of its work and its professionalism.

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