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The most played video game nowadays is Slitherio

Overview of Slitherio

Great online game was released in 2016. Eat colorful orbs to grow your snake’s size while controlling it. Becoming the longest worm in the arena and eliminating every player are your key objectives. The game is over if your snake explodes when its head collides with any other snake’s part.

A worm’s body will revert to the glowing balls (orbs) it was before it passed away when it dies. To grow bigger, the player can eat the pellets that deceased worms drop. Compared to normal pellets, these ones provide greater weight.

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The video game “Slither,” also known as “,” has been dubbed “Snake of prey” or “Earth of prey” in Vietnamese. A well-known international game called Slither supports web-based PC and mobile user interfaces. Slither io had approximately 70 million downloads after only 3 months of release, shattering numerous market records for mobile games. Snake-like creatures compete with one another for food in the “Slither io” environment. Since its March 25 release to the iOS and Android app stores, this multiplayer game has consistently ranked in the top 10 most downloaded free games, alongside products from major tech giants like Facebook or YouTube.

Why does Slitherio draw people in?


First and foremost, it is important to note that Slitherio is a simple game to play and is available for no charge. It satisfies the first criterion, which is today the one that the vast majority of online users select. Slitherio offers a basic interface that anyone can use to play, even someone who is still learning to read.


The biggest achievements of io include gaining a lot of media attention and developing a strong player base. With players competing against those in other continents, the developer has enhanced community interaction in this case. Players from as far away as Korea, Japan, China, the USA, Germany, France, and Cambodia will be in the “room” you select to play in.

See why it is so appealing and well-liked, as well as how to play in the essay that follows.


Let’s begin by discussing the intriguing game’s basic concept. You are undoubtedly already familiar with Agar.
The idea for Slither io was inspired by the game io. Steven Howse, a struggling programmer, now makes more than 100,000 USD every day thanks to the application.

However not everyone is aware that Howse became inspired to create after observing the growth of This is an online game where several participants can play simultaneously and is based on the idea that giant fish consume small fish.

Describe is a program that has dominated the Leaderboard rankings for a considerable amount of time. You will assume the shape of a little spherical creature when you first arrive in this universe. To grow bigger, each player must consume the colorful tiny molecules that are everywhere around them. Hitting another player will result in your death in While you advance in, you can come across players who “consume meat” and are smaller than you. As a result, giants may also consume you.

But, your speed will decrease as you get bigger. For the best outcomes, pay attention to this. A little table with a list of the largest animals on it will be located on the right side of the screen at the same time.

How do you play Slitherio?


Players can control their characters like worms (or snakes, it’s up to you) in Slither io. Everyone will enter a single arena, where the player with the highest score will be highlighted on the achievement gold board. You can also run into both international and Vietnamese gamers there.

Slither may be played on desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones thanks to its HTML5 platform optimization. Simply go to the website, pick a moniker, and launch the game.

This game is really fair, to put it briefly. No matter how big his worm gets, he will “die” and turn into a temporary worm that feeds other worms if he contacts another worm. As a result, numerous worms “struggle,” yet continue to occur.

These are Slither IO’s guiding principles. You must keep in mind some of the following golden principles if you want to achieve a high score and appear on the TOP (scoreboard in the right upper corner of the screen).


Slither io Online – Snake is a straightforward game where you manage a snake by moving it skillfully and gathering energy from nearby lights to grow larger. Also, if you want to stay at the top, numerous other hungry snakes will try to snag you. Join Slither – Snake Hunt right away to compete in Top Races against people from across the world!

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