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How to unlock the Little Bridge in Vampire Survivors

One of the important parts of Vampire Survivors is unlocking new characters. They can diversify your gaming experience and make the game much more exciting. Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors is one of the most interesting characters you can get in the game.

Read this guide to discover how to unlock Scorej-Oni on a Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors. Moreover, we will discuss this character’s starting weapon and passive skill.


SCOREJ-ONI gameplay

You must first unlock Super Small Bridge before continuing. The location of Scorej-Oni in Vampire Survivors can only be located on this one map. To our good fortune, there is nothing difficult about it. Just reaching Level 80 while finishing Inverse Gallo Tower is all that is required of you. It is possible to complete the task in a short amount of time if you choose the most resilient character possible and put in enough effort to prepare for the battle.

When you have unlocked Super Small Bridge, you will need to investigate the location to discover the origin of the rumbling thunder. Although if having a map to help you explore the globe more effectively would be ideal, it is still possible to locate the source even without one.

You will find Scorej-Oni just near to the location where the rumbling thunder is coming from. It is sufficient to vanquish the monster in order to get access to Scorej-Oni. Consider the fact that completing it without at least one weapon that has been completely improved might prove to be rather difficult. Thus, you should do all in your power to approach the encounter with Scorej-Oni as well prepared as you possibly can.

After you have defeated the monster, you will need to go back to the main menu and pay 5,000 Coins to unlock the next level. You may be certain that Scorej-Oni is well worth every penny you invest in him, despite the fact that some players believe his price to be excessive.


If you don’t want to spend time completing Inverse Gallo Tower and Hyper Tiny Bridge, there is a way to get Scorej-Oni faster. You only need to have Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane and then cast the spell “notsureitsthunder” in the Secrets menu. This will automatically unlock Scorej-Oni, allowing you to purchase this powerful character for 5,000 Coins.

Vampire Survivors: Scorej-Oni surrounded by bats


Scorej-Oni is a dependable character in Vampire Survivors, and he has shown himself to be quite efficient in combat. He has a base of 108 Maximum HP, minus 20% Movement Speed, and plus 20% Area. Thus, remember that Scorej-Oni is a great place to test out your area weaponry.

The fact that he doesn’t have a weapon of any kind to begin with is very intriguing. Scorej-Oni may equip a maximum of seven weapons due to his six open weapon slots and the secret Lightning Ring.

More so, Scorej-Oni upgrades Lightning Ring every eight levels, with Update Level 6 being the cap. When you reach level 40, you get access to a second Lightning Ring, which may be used to inflict devastating additional damage on your foes.

The quest for and use of Scorej-Oni in Vampire Survivors has now concluded. You may receive Scorej-Oni in two different methods. Both are quite time-consuming. Do not, then, think that acquiring such a powerful personality will be simple. Check out our Vampire Survivors kill and unlock guide if you want additional information on the game’s lore.

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