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How do I upgrade my PC hardware?

Your PC is probably already stuffed with goodies, such as an SSD or even a faster CPU. But there are other bits and pieces of hardware that might be nagging at you – perhaps you need more storage or memory. The Question of How do I upgrade my PC hardware? is quite common.

There’s no point in just buying a replacement part; you’ll get more out of the PC if you replace them altogether. And while those upgrades are normally easy to do yourself, we’re going to run through what you’ll need to get up and running.

Remove the case and lid and then remove the keyboard. You can remove the hard drives but the SSDs need to be removed.

First of all, you’ll need a 1,366MHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and at least 1TB of storage. That’s going to be a lot of work – we’re talking about a fairly large computer here – so your new components will be located in a good-sized case that’s at least as big as the old one.

We recommend that you take a break before the hard work begins.

Hard drive

The first component you’re likely to need is a hard drive to replace the one currently in the machine. This is simply because you can’t put a brand new 4GB RAM module inside your existing box and it would be near-impossible to remove the old one in order to do so.

The RAM module itself will also likely be dirty, but most will only require some gentle cleaning. Once clean, it should be possible to install a brand new RAM module into the top of the PC, and you’ll then be able to replace the hard drive itself.

Before you can do this you’ll need to remove the hard drive and clean the drive’s surface. The first thing you’re likely to need is a tool that can remove the spinning platters. The venerable Makita has this tool included in its range, and the downside to it is that it’s really only suitable for specific applications. However, its many other features make it a great option for this job.

Turn the drive over and remove the hard drive bay cover. It’s advisable to do this before installing the new hard drive because your PC may be in a small, cramped space and you want to ensure that no drives go sliding around.

How do I upgrade my PC hardware?

Once removed, wipe away any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the drive over the years. A soft cloth is a good idea here.

Use a small, soft brush to clean out any hard drive caddy links. Also remove any cables that come with the drive (a USB cable is usually included with a modern laptop or desktop, but it won’t be here).

It’s best to completely clean the entire drive before you install the new one. You want a clean slate and a new drive to sit in.

Using a clean soft cloth, gently clean off the drive’s plastic cover and faceplate. Don’t get too carried away with this part because the drive will still be a while out of service and any adhesive left behind will quickly attract dust and dirt. You’ll also want to dust the mount where the drive attaches. I try to explain to you How do I upgrade my PC hardware?

Reinstall the hard drive

With the drive back in place, you’ll want to reinstall your OS onto the hard drive. It’s very likely that you’ll need to re-install the RAM. This could be tricky because the individual RAM modules are not included in the kit, so you’ll likely have to locate one of the unused modules in the box that shipped with the computer.

It’s also a good idea to remove any accessories such as a mouse and keyboard from the machine before reinstalling the OS onto the drive. You’ll be placing them back inside the case once you’ve reinstalled the OS.

Use your new (or old) RAM modules to restore the machine to its full operating capacity. It will likely take some time to get back to full speed, especially if you were just running a few programs at the time of the upgrade. However, it’s a worthwhile exercise to ensure that your PC is optimally configured.

Install the operating system

Now comes the hard part. Install Windows 10 to the machine, ensuring that it’s configured as desired and that your new RAM modules are connected.

You’ll likely find that you need to reboot to get Windows 10 to install and set up properly. This is the time to take a break and watch the fireworks go off at the 2017 fireworks display in Japan – they’re going to be awesome.

Once Windows is up and running and everything is set up, you can replace the hard drive. Congratulations, you have a brand new PC, with a healthy dose of RAM to go with it!

Now, How do I upgrade my PC hardware?  is not difficult for you.

Hope You know the answer Now: How do I upgrade my PC hardware?

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