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Here you Know the top 9 ways to get Bitcoin for free

Did you know that you can get Bitcoin for free by just taking a jog around your local park? Or, by watching ads and playing games? Yes, FREE Bitcoin is REAL. There is a wide range of platforms and websites online that offer Bitcoin for free. Just one thing, the free Bitcoin that you get for demo trading accounts, is not real BTC. But otherwise, the various other sources that claim to offer free BTC, actually do offer Bitcoin for free. Read more about buy crypto with debit/credit card

Well, by now, you must be eager to know how to get Bitcoin for free. The post below offers a brief on a list of reliable ways to receive BTC for free.

Learning and quizzing

One of the best places to earn Bitcoin for free is the crypto exchanges. These exchanges follow various methods to help users earn free BTC, especially in exchange for a task. But nothing to worry about, you will mostly get easy tasks and some of them will be beneficial for you as well.

So, one of the ways by which you can get Bitcoin for free on a crypto exchange is through learning and playing a quiz. You will be given articles to study and then you will have to sit for a quiz. The quiz questions will be based on the articles given for study. You will be rewarded with free BTC if you can come up with the right answers for all questions.

Referral bonus

If you are acquainted with crypto trade, you must be aware of the referral bonus concept. For those who don’t know yet, crypto exchanges generally share a part of their commission with you if you refer your friends and they sign up with the site. Some of the crypto exchanges offer the commission (for referral bonus) in the form of free Bitcoin.

This is one of the best ways to get Bitcoin for free. Major reason is some of the best exchanges usually offer handy commissions, say around 30%. And, you will receive the commission every time your referred friend will do something on the site. More friends you can refer to, the higher would be your bounty of free Bitcoin.

By playing games

If gaming is your passion, you are on the way to earn a handy volume of Bitcoin for free.

Gamers will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are scores and scores of games that offer Bitcoin for free. For example, some of the leading blockchain games (cumulatively) have offered nearly 2,000 BTCs for free to the gamers since 2014. Read more about Multibank – Blockchain Technology: Everything You Need to Know

You also have various non-blockchain games that offer Bitcoin for free. There are several action games and quiz games that reward players with FREE BTC.

Added to all these, you also have casino games (online) that pamper the players with Bitcoin for free. You will mostly receive the free BTC as a sign-up or welcome bonus in your casino site wallet.

Bank on bounties

Are you proud of your programming know-how? Do you often earn kudos for detailed eyes, especially when it comes to coding? Well, then, you are in for a free BTC ride.

The point is, there are various crypto platforms today that offer Bitcoin for free to coders who help them to locate flaws in their platforms. You will usually receive a handsome amount of free Bitcoin if you can point out the flaws in those crypto projects.

Crypto airdrops

It has become a common trend for new crypto projects to offer Bitcoin for free (or other tokens) with their airdrops. In return, you will just have to perform a few minor tasks, mostly sharing about the project on popular social media platforms. It’s a promotional tactic but offers a win-win solution for both the parties.

In case, you don’t Bitcoin but some other token (for free), you can always convert them into BTC.

The crypto projects that offer airdrops generally make an official announcement of the program in the press. So, if you just go online and type “upcoming crypto airdrops”, you will receive various reports on all the coming airdrops that can offer Bitcoin for free.

Affiliate marketing

Are you known for your blogging skills? Does your blog command high traffic? Well, you can utilize the blog to get Bitcoin for free through affiliate marketing. Some crypto exchanges offer free Bitcoin to bloggers who can send them aspiring traders through their blogs.

The process is simple- all you would have to do here is to share the website link of the cryptocurrency exchange in your blog. If someone clicks on the link shared on your blog and visits the exchange, the exchange will reward you with Bitcoin for free.

Through watching ads

Do you have a knack for ads? Are you patient enough to wait for at least 30 seconds to watch a full ad? Well, in that case, you have an opportunity to earn Bitcoin for free.

There are multiple online sites that offer Bitcoin for free to visitors for simply watching ads. The only condition is that you have to watch a full ad and you cannot leave mid-way. These sites further allow you to participate in free spins and contests. If you win the contest, you will receive ad points which can be easily converted to free BTC.

Exercise apps

You have cutting-edge exercise apps today that will enable you to receive Bitcoin for free for complete workout tasks given by the applications. The activity will be monitored by the apps – you will have to perform a bunch of extremely simple exercises like jogging, running, and/or brisk walking.

Through completing surveys

You must be across various sites that ask you to complete marketing surveys. Well, the good news is, some of these sites offer a grand chance to earn Bitcoin for free.

All you would have to do here is to complete the survey and then you can enjoy your free BTC ride. Now, the amount of free BTC that you will receive per survey won’t be a lot. But, you will be able to accumulate a bountiful if you participate in multiple surveys.

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