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Details About The Canada PR Process And Eligibility Criteria For Indians

Getting a Canadian permanent residency visa has become quite popular. The country’s friendly immigrant policies have encouraged many people worldwide to try and migrate here. One can take advantage of several opportunities there. You get the benefit of living, working, and studying wherever you want in Canada.

Moreover, it provides the individual with various medical advantages, and the legal resident is also completely protected by Canadian law. Thus, getting a permanent resident visa for Canada is worth it.

In recent years, the number of Indians moving to Canada has grown rapidly to seek better opportunities. Consequently, the requirement for a spouse visa in Canada has also increased due to the rising number. 

Understanding the conditions for the Canadian method of PR is important.

The Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR Visa

To register for Canada PR, you must fulfil the eligibility requirements and provide supporting papers. Apart from this, you must also have:

– Good hold of the language

When discussing the Canada PR process for Indian residents, a stronghold of the language is a must. You must demonstrate your language abilities if you want to live in Canada. The Canada Immigration System’s most crucial component is this. To demonstrate your competence in the nation’s official language, you must undertake a language exam like the IELTS.

– Strong educational accreditations

The Canadian government’s main demand for PR candidates is documentation of their academic credentials. An applicant must provide an ECA report as evidence of their educational credentials.

The ECA report confirms if the applicant’s academic credentials are comparable to those of the Canadian education sector. You do not need to provide a report if you received your degree from Canada.

– Requirements for Character and Health

A medical and moral certificate certifying your fitness to enter the nation is one of the additional criteria. A medical and character clearance demonstrating that you and your household are free from contagious and life-threatening illnesses and have no previous histories must be presented to the federal government.

The doctor and the local police should both testify to the certifications accordingly. Clean records are essential for qualifying for Canada PR.

– Assessment of Skill

When we are talking about the Canada PR process for Indian residents, a test for skills is one of the biggest eligibility criteria.

Your relevant job experience will also determine your candidacy for Canada PR if you are an Indian. You must provide documentation of your prior employment history, which must be approved by the evaluating authorities in Canada. Your employment experience must reflect your educational background, and your abilities must correspond to the requirements of the Canadian province.

– Evidence of money

Proof of finances is another need for qualifying as a PR in Canada. Canadian immigration officials must be satisfied that you have enough money to support your family there. You do not need to present evidence of finances if a Canadian employee has already offered you a job.


Be it a spouse visa in Canada or any other, if you are an aspirant looking to live in Canada, the points mentioned above are the main eligibility for the Indian PR procedure.

Getting a PR visa is only one of the numerous migration alternatives to Canada. Once it has transitioned into Canadian Citizenship, the person can then vote and apply for a Canadian passport. Furthermore, they are no longer required to renew their status in the country after the transition.

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