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Best Roblox horror games: great scary games in Roblox

Apeirophobia by Polaroid Studios

It’s a well-known fact that if anything is trending on the internet, you can bet that Roblox will have at least a few games based on it, and that number will grow exponentially if the topic is terrifying. It is no surprise that there is a plethora of Backrooms games available on Roblox right now. One of the most popular and finest Backrooms games on Roblox Backrooms is Apeirophobia, which name means “fear of infinity” in Greek. Apeirophobia captures all the characteristic frightening empty spaces of the viral smash creepypasta video while being more focused on exploration than survival, as I believe any excellent Backrooms game should be.

An empty corn maze at night, as imagined in Roblox.

Kalampokiphobia by @CaptainSpinxs

A Roblox-created nighttime corn maze.
@CaptainSpinxs presents: Kalampokiphobia
If you’ve been wondering why “scary corn game” has suddenly become so popular on Roblox, it’s because the precise word for corn phobia, Kalampokiphobia, is impossible to spell or pronounce. With the help of TikTok and YouTube jumpscare videos, this game, which first appeared on the platform earlier this year, is expected to be the major Roblox horror craze for Halloween. It’s a very conventional hide-and-seek game where you flee from a ridiculous (but yet slightly spooky) stalker figure through a confusing corn maze.

A black-and-white image of a zombie face snarling through a gap in some broken wood. Text in image reads "Dead Silence".

Dead Silence by @DoomX10

Dead Silence boasts in its description that it is the “#1 Scariest Game on Roblox,” yet the fact that it has been circulating since 2011 is indicative of its genuine spook factor. Current players may be reminded of a cross between Slender and Phasmophobia as they work in teams of up to four to search a desolate building for a set of keys that will allow them to escape. The RNG dispersed those keys all over the place, and something sinister is surely on the prowl to get your party.

A stylised cartoon of a Roblox character dressed as a witch, roasting a marshmallow over a campfire in the woods, being menaced by a mummy, a hooded figure, and a chainsaw-wielding scarecrow.

Murder Party by PlayMake

Stylized animation showing a Roblox witch toasting a marshmallow over an open fire while being chased by a mummy, a cloaked person, and a chainsaw-wielding scarecrow.
The PlayMake Group’s Murder Party
If you’ve ever played the perennial favorite Murder Mystery 2 on Roblox, or indeed Among Us, or any of the other Werewolf-like games that have experienced an uptick in popularity over the past year, you’ll be well acquainted with Murder Party. But, in Murder Party, the four teams (Murderers, Sheriffs, Hackers, and Party-Planners) race to achieve their objectives before the other teams do so at the expense of slow-burn social deduction. It’s a high-stakes balancing act to get everything done and remain undetected, all while dodging, disrupting, or annihilating the enemy.

A darkened, flooded basement filled with empty shelves.

Alone in a Dark House by @Umamidayo

Umamidayo’s “Lonely in the Dark”
Nominated for Best Single Player Game at the 2020 Bloxy Awards, “Alone in a Dark House” is one of the scarier horror experiences here. You play a private investigator who explores a creepy, deserted mansion in search of clues about the mysterious family that once resided there, as suggested by the game’s title. If you can afford it, shelling out the 50 Robux for a private server is well worth it, as playing on a public server with up to 29 randoms can be a bit distracting.

A Roblox map featuring a cabin in the woods, with a sign on the wall reading "Camp Lapis". Title text reads "Flee the Facility".

Flee the Facility by A.W. Apps

A log house in the woods with the words “Camp Lapis” painted on the wall, shown on a Roblox map. Get Out of Here! is the title.
Do Not Remain in the Building by A.W. Apps
So help me, I love a good trip to the SCP Foundation, so even though I already included Escape the Facility in our list of the greatest Roblox games in 2021, I’m going to mention it again here. Newer versions to Flee the Facility have included a number of new maps, including a cabin in the woods setting appropriate for the gameplay’s debt to the likes of Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th. The initial visual of Flee the Facility was very significantly evocative to SCP – Containment Breach.

A pair of anthropomorphic pigs armed with baseball bats stand threateningly in an ordinary house. Text in image reads "Piggy".

Piggy by MiniToon

Several people have told me that I can’t create a terrifying Peppa Pig-themed game on Roblox because of the platform’s lack of support for episodic horror games with multiplayer. Those people, whomever they are, are mistaken, because Piggy has just finished its second season and is still one of the most played scary games on Roblox. You and your other players are not just trying to flee from Piggy, but also trying to figure out what it is.

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