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Complete Strategy for Five Nights at Freddy’s

Beginner’s Notes

The rules of the game are easy to pick up on. Really, there are just 5 things you can accomplish in the game. Door is being closed from both the inside and outside. Flipping the switches on both sides. If you want to know where the monsters are hiding, just look at the cameras.

Finally, use the sound from your computer or mobile device to help you determine where your adversaries may be hiding.

Strategy by Night

First Night – Night 1
Bonnie the Bunny, the Animatronic Bunny
This is a low-pressure evening dedicated to learning the game’s fundamentals. To stay alive, just keep the left side doors closed.

For the brand-new, aspirationally elegant participant. While you wait, periodically turn the switches on the left to their off position. When Bonnie is around, close the door.

Artificial: Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate, and Bonnie the Bunny
Foxy the Pirate will be turned on on the second evening. Reduce the likelihood of Foxy activation by checking the CAM 1C about every 5 seconds. When activated, Foxy makes a beeline towards the office. Close the door to your left as soon as you see that the curtain is fully open so that you don’t get trapped.

In all likelihood, Chica the chicken will not be stopping by tonight either. You’ll need to toggle the right-hand light switch on and off to see its progress.

Third Night Animatronics: Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate, and Freddy Fazbear (Low Chance)

The second night’s performance is quite similar to the first. Freddy can only activate on rare occasions, though. Hence, if you are unprepared, he can murder you.

On this date, every single animatronic will be in full swing. Look for the pirate mask at the start of the evening. Then, follow Freddy’s progress as he makes his way from the performance area to the dining hall, the restrooms, the kitchen, the east corridor, and finally the east corridor corner.

As soon as Freddy approaches, shut all doors and windows immediately. You’ll get the hang of turning on/off appliances and locking/unlocking doors. You must save energy if you want to make it to tomorrow.

Fifth Night – Night 5
On this night, our enemies ramp up their activity. Practice tuning your ears to detect Bonnie and Chica’s movements and noises. Please keep an eye on Foxy and Freddy.

Sixth Night – Night 6
That Chica and Bonnie can go at such high speeds tonight is the big difference. This may be seen as both beneficial and detrimental; although it reduces the amount of time Bonnie and Chica spend waiting outside, it also leaves you with much less time to respond and shut them out.

The best pattern for this stage is lights, Pirate Cove, Lights, Freddy, Lights, and repeat. Drop down the door whenever is needed.

Lights, Pirate Cove, Lights, Freddy, Lights, and repeat is the optimal rhythm for this section. Bring the door down at any time.

On Night 7, the difficulty may be changed for each animatronic, from 1 to 20. You have two options: either use the tactics from night 6, with the caveat that you’ll need to move considerably more quickly and with little room for error, or come up with a whole new plan.

The second approach provides an additional layer of protection by utilizing a combination of right door closing. Yet, the likelihood of your battery dying is increased.

Lights, Turn Right and Exit, Watch some Freddy and the Pirates, Keep Repetitively Opening the Correct Door.

Congratulations on completing Five Nights at Freddy’s, the hardest night in the game.

Stuffed Animal Strategy and Patterns

Bonnie the Bunny
Though she moves quickly and aggressively, Bonnie may be easily seen and stopped. Bonnie always approaches you from the left.

To be clear, Bonnie will not initiate violence once it has entered your workplace. Once it sees you looking at the tablet, it will launch an attack inside. If your door and light switch are stuck, for example, you can bet that Bonnie is hiding in the darkness and holding them.

Chica the Chicken
When compared to Bonnie, Chica is both slower and less aggressive. As Chica attacks, she always comes from the right, making her easy to spot and counter.

Listen for the sound of clattering pans for an audible clue. If you hear it, you may find her in the kitchen.

Chica, like Bonnie, will not rush you the moment you get into the workplace. When Chica sees that you’re no longer in view, she launches an assault. The switches have been jammed, and you can tell just by looking.

Foxy the Pirate
As soon as Foxy leaves his station (the Pirate’s Cove), he becomes very swift and hostile. It’s only ever been from your left that he’s approached you. Foxy will leave his place sooner the less you stare at the camera. If you look outside and notice that he has departed, shut the door to your left quickly.

1: The player must check the Tablet and the camera feeds.
2. In addition to checking the Tablet, the player must also remember to check Pirate Cove, only occasionally. Too much and he’ll become active as “he doesn’t like being watched”.

Freddy the Bear
Freddy is extremely aggressive, but slow. He takes his time to get to you, as he doesn’t like to be seen. He has low chance appearing in Night 3 and will appear night 4 and beyond.

Unlike Bonnie and Chica, Freddy does not wait at the door, thus turning on the lights won’t help you locate him and put an end to him. Once you raise and lower the tablet, Freddy can enter the room, choose a hiding place, and launch an assault. This also implies that you may be helpless to stop Freddy from entering the room if you push up on the door too late.

He is probably already there if you hear his laugh again, as he was at Cam4B. Hence, if Freddy is at Cam4B, you should always ensure the right door is locked before checking the Tablet.

If you listen closely, you may pick up on his presence in the kitchen from the music that plays when the power goes off. On the whole, he prefers to approach you from the right. His movements are accompanied by a sinister cackle.

Walking Route: Performance Area, Dining Room, Restrooms, Kitchen, East Hall, and East Hall Corner.

Much like Foxy, once Freddy gets going, he’ll be able to make quick work of the trail leading right to you. Freddy’s movement is slowed down while being observed. Once he is ahead, he won’t stray or go back.

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