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A Brief Guide To Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosha is near the top among the many terrifying ideas in Vedic astrology, Manglik Dosha is near the top. The vast majority of Vedic astrologers are afraid of it and worried about how it can damage their birth charts. It is linked to dread of all possible outcomes, including the wedding. Manglik Dosha is associated with a wide range of myths and misconceptions.

What Does Manglik Dosha Mean?

According to Vedic astrology, Manglik Dosha is formed in a horoscope when Mars occupies the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house, respectively, with the rising being in the first house. Manglik Dosha is thought to cause disruptions in a married person’s life and even prevent him from getting married in the first place.

Mars’ position in the house, along with several other variables, determines the type of relationship that develops. Although a horoscope with a strong Manglik Dosha bolstered by various planets and stars can lead to all these undesirable outcomes, it’s also true that this is an infrequent occurrence. 

According to Vedic astrology, the Manglik Dosha is, like the other yogas, a very uncommon occurrence in a horoscope. Manglik Dosha isn’t the only flaw in Vedic astrology that’s thought to have a detrimental effect on a marriage; other elements, like Nadi Dosha, Kaal Aarp Yog, etc., are said to have similar effects.

Manglik Dosha is a situation that can arise whenever a chart has an excess of Kapha, fire, sattva, or air. Mars, or Mangal, is the planet, whereas Manglik refers to anything spawned by or having affinities with Mars, and Dosha is shorthand for the flaw. Therefore, the term “Manglik Dosha” refers to a flaw caused by Mars. 

Since “defect” is a pejorative term, it stands to reason that the planet responsible for a natal chart flaw should be viewed negatively. A planet with a positive charge causing flaws is practically inconceivable. Accordingly, Mars can generate much beneficial yoga in a horoscope, especially Manglik Yog, if located within those six houses and functions favorably.

How Mars Affects Our Homes

There are numerous more qualities that the elements in the navagraha might bring to the horoscope, but the three most important are physical power, work ethic, and planetary activity. For instance, if Mars is located in the first house of an Aries horoscope, we know that Mars is physically assertive in the such horoscope because Mars is located in its sign in the first house. Therefore, the essential quality is proven in the horoscope: Mars is assertive.

Activation levels on planets can be anywhere from zero to one hundred percent; however, extreme values are incredibly uncommon. Manglik Dosha is produced in the horoscope if the strength and negativity of Mars through the initial house is greater than 30 percent.

Remedies For Manglik Dosh:

  1. Two Mangliks Get Married

Many people and professional astrologers recommend a marriage between two Mangliks as a reasonable course of action for those born with the Manglik astrological sign. By offsetting each other’s weaknesses, they’ll be able to strengthen their marriage. Life together as a married couple is joyful and free of stress.

  1. Mars’ Position in the Natal Chart

Astrology and professional astrologers agree that Mars’ position in a person’s birth chart is crucial. Aries, on the other hand, has the potential to usurp Mars’s place in the horoscope. Consequently, professional astrologers will assist in prayers to Aries to weaken Mars and remove it as a source of worry in your life. Post that, your whole life can be tranquil and fulfilling for you. Aries rules the very first house, which is responsible for material security, excellent health, and happy marriages for the Manglik people.

  1. The Kumbh Vivah

Those with mangal dosh in their Kundali who wish to marry someone who does not have this defect might participate in a Kumbh Vivah. For the partner who hasn’t had mangal dosh in the kundali, this could cause severe problems in the marriage. Kumbh Vivah is the best way to go through all these obstacles. When a bride or groom has Manglik Dosh, they often undergo this procedure when they worship Lord Vishnu’s statue and essentially get wedded to it first. By doing so, they can cast aside any misfortunes or stresses from their past and begin their married lives in harmony.


We hope you would have found the Manglik Dosha guide informative. This can be a good starting guide for you to explore further into the world of Manglik Dosha. At initial, the dosha may seem to be a major complications, but honestly speaking, whole astrology may seem complex in the initial view, but post that, once you understand the elements making it up, you tend to relax and dive deep further.

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