Is it good or bad to have co-authors in research papers? Well, having co-authorship is a tricky task. The reason is that there exists a divided opinion about having co-authors. Some researchers say that working with other authors in the same field fosters collaboration and detailed research, whereas others are unhappy with sharing their ideas. It is a matter of liking and disliking this mode of research; the main point is that not a single researcher denies the importance of having co-authors in research papers. So, today’s article will shed some light on this topic and let you know more about the importance of co-authors in research papers. However, before moving on to the importance, let’s define what is meant by co-authors.

What does it mean to have co-authors in a research study?

By definition, co-authors’ meaning is somewhat dependent on the context in which it is being used. It can either mean a person who has jointly authored a paper with another researcher (first author), or it can be an individual other than the first author. It means the second and third authors also come under co-authors. There is a debate still going on about standardising the definition of co-author.

Does having co-authors increase productivity?

Scientific collaboration among researchers has increased exponentially in recent decades. There are many questions associated with this increasing collaboration. One of those questions is about academic productivity. The answer to this question in light of the research conducted by Lorenzo Ductor (Ductor, 2014) is that co-authorship does increase productivity. Also, two heads are better than one head as they can work on the shared goal more effectively.

Importance of having co-authors in research paper

After reading the information above, you have learned what it means to have co-authors in a research study and that co-authorship increases productivity. In light of these points, you can say that having co-authors in research papers holds much importance. However, a brief description of the points that elaborate on this importance is as follows as shared by top writers of a cheap dissertation writing service:

1.     Playing off each other’s subject specialities

Let’s say that you are a researcher with hands-on experience with data analysis software and expertise in using them. You want to write a research paper on your newly researched idea but do not have an idea about writing the paper. In such a case, you could easily team up with another researcher who has written dozens of research papers in the same field. This way, both of you, i.e., co-authors, will benefit from each other’s playing field. As a data analyser, you will teach some data analysis techniques to your fellow researcher. A fellow researcher having excellent writing skills can help you polish your writing skills. Hence, the first point of playing off each other’s subject specialities makes having co-authors in a research study important.

2.     Helps you deliver more value to the readers

Sometimes, a research problem involves more than one field of study. For example, your research topic is “Business Psychology, a historical analysis.” Now, this topic involves two fields, i.e., business and psychology. It is important to have co-authors in research papers in such a case. The reason is that researching such a topic and writing a good research paper is only possible when you collaborate with other researchers from the field of psychology. Additionally, this collaboration will help you deliver more value to the readers because you can better analyse the history of business psychology by collaborating.

3.     Sharing of workload

One of the main points that highlight the importance of having co-authors and the benefit of having co-authors is the sharing of workload. By collaborating with the authors of your field or another field, you can share your workload and have some load off your shoulders. It is now an established thing that scientific research is not the business of a lone person. The reason behind this is the extreme load that a lone researcher puts on the shoulders of the author. Hence, sharing the workload makes having co-authors in research papers more important.

4.     Bringing complementary perspectives to the research

Co-authorship is also important because it brings complementary perspectives to the research. Different researchers with different backgrounds or researchers within the same field can contribute much and bring supportive arguments to the table. Taking the example of the Business Psychology discussed above, each researcher brings supportive arguments and perspectives, whether belonging to the business side or psychological side of the topic. Such arguments and perspectives help solve the problem more effectively and add much value to the research.

5.     Less work = Less stress

This equation is true in all its senses when it comes to having co-authors in research papers. With two to three researchers working on the same topic, each researcher gets a share of his own and has to work on only his portion. This less work reduces the stress, which makes the co-authorship more important. Also, in this way, the researchers can complete the work quickly and efficiently. The reason is that no one researcher has to complete the whole research work. A pack of researchers is working on the same goal.


Working with a group of authors or having co-authors in research papers brings so much to the table that it has become a need of the hour in the recent past. With increased research efficiency and reduced stress, the researchers enjoy working in such an environment. So, the points mentioned above shed enough light on the topic that it is now evident that having co-authors in a research study is important. Also, when different fields merge for better research, co-authorship is the need of the hour. Therefore, I suggest you read the information above and bring some partners for your research topic.


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