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Blooket Review

Interactive quizzes engage students and keep them motivated while the clearly marked correct and incorrect responses provide assistance with improving grades.

Blooket provides educators with access to an expansive library of pre-made games on virtually all topics, while they also have the freedom to tailor the experience of their students according to individual needs.


Blooket Join is a unique game platform for educators and students. Its question library enables teachers to personalize games, adjust quiz speeds and provide an alluring user interface that encourages students to play. Furthermore, users are invited to contribute system improvements such as new game modes or avatars through its website.

This platform combines digital gaming with character-based learning, giving students an interactive quiz-style quiz experience while earning rewards in-game and advancing their character within it. Teachers can utilize it as an effective teaching platform to teach various content and skills real time across global classrooms.

Teachers can host live games by entering a code and sharing them with their class or specific student group, assign games for practice at home for practice or homework completion, monitor student performance with performance reports and analytics, as well as track student progress through performance reports and analytics. While basic features are free on this platform, educators may opt to purchase a Plus subscription in order to unlock additional advantages.


Blooket provides students with an engaging way to review and practice knowledge quickly and easily. It offers games and questions designed to aid student comprehension of a subject matter; which can then be used as an assessment tool or homework assignment. Furthermore, teachers can customize questions and create groups for personalized learning.

Each student is assigned their own blooket character or “Blook,” which they use to answer questions and compete against other Blooks in self-paced games with both speed and luck elements. Students may earn gold for correct answers; games can also be set to end after a set period or once there is a winner.

Many game modes on Blooket encourage student participation by giving them the ability to steal gold from other players or swap theirs in for greater odds at victory, further stimulating competition while providing positive reinforcement of learning experiences.


Blooket’s games utilize behaviorism as a teaching technique by providing positive reinforcement when learners get questions correct and earn points, motivating students to continue studying so that they may advance further into a game and accumulate more points. It is one of the most engaging ways of reviewing and reinforcing content.

Teachers can select questions from the website’s library, import their own questions or search existing quizzes to build quizzes with. Teachers also have the ability to select multiple choice or true/false options when creating questions for quizzes.

Teachers can project the Blooket interface on either a whiteboard or projection screen, as well as conduct reviews remotely with its collaborative features. The website’s easy navigation makes getting started quick and painless for educators; once logged in, students simply choose their game ID number, name, nickname and icon before playing which makes engaging students even outside of class easy and keeps students entertained; plus the company regularly adds new games that keep them engaged!


Blooket makes playing and operating an educational quiz game easy for both students and teachers. With multiple question types to keep students engaged and always learning, teachers can easily create question sets to assign to their students – all the while eliminating speed-based competition! Plus the platform supports randomization of points awarded; taking any element of competition out of the equation.

Teachers and students both benefit from using Blooket; both teachers and students can access its app from computers, tablets or phones and enter a join code to begin answering game-style questions in different game options. Teachers/tutors can monitor student progress via its analytics features to identify areas in need of extra assistance and adjust teaching strategies accordingly. Blooket supports many subjects and ages alike and serves as an engaging way to motivate learners while making lessons more stimulating!

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