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Is it possible to invest 100 Rs in the share market?

You might wonder how, where, and when to invest in a share market. Such repeated questions by beginners would be answered easily if you do not have adequate knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the stock market. Therefore, consider looking for the Indian stock market latest news in Hindi to gather comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the stock market. Rest assured the arena could help you make huge profits or suffer huge losses. Therefore, the latest news about the share market is vital for your trading needs.

When it comes to trading, you cannot make a huge investment at that very instance. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the functionality of the share market, you should not invest a huge sum into the market in greed to earn more profits. It would also be worth mentioning here that you should not be emotional to recover the lost amount in the shares by investing more money. The rule of thumb to invest in the share market is to have no place for emotions and greed in trading.

What is the minimum investment you could make in the share market?

You might wonder if you could invest as low as Rs. 100 in the share market. Rest assured that you could invest as low as hundred rupees in the share market. Numerous shares in India have been priced at less than a hundred rupees. However, the minimum number of quality shares you should purchase is one. Consequently, you could purchase a single share of a respective stock whose current price would be below hundred rupees. Investing Rs. 100 in the share market is possible.

Moreover, the strategy of investing a hundred rupees or less would be a good strategy for beginners looking forward to learning the functionality of the stock market. They do not have to take a huge risk investing in the stock market initially. The best app for finance could offer information on various stocks worth investing Rs. 100 in them.

A decent investment to begin

Before treading further, it would be worth mentioning here that despite hundred rupees being a decent amount to begin investing in stocks, you would require more money to invest in IPOs and Mutual Funds.

You would require an investment of at least Rs. 500 every month in Mutual Funds. Such an investment would be made in a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP. You might require investing a higher amount when looking forward to making a lump sum investment. On the other hand, investing in IPOs would require purchasing at least one lot of stocks that might cost some money. Rest assured that when investing through IPOs, investment in a single stock is not feasible.

The conclusion

You could invest Rs. 100 or a lower amount in the stock market. Nonetheless, you would be required to adhere to a few essential requirements. It would be imperative for you to set up a Demat account along with a trading account to begin investing. Moreover, such accounts would also come up with AMCs that you need to pay regularly to keep your account running.

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