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How to Continue Taking Kratom Without Developing Tolerance

One of the precautions that kratom users must take is to avoid developing tolerance. It can play spoilsport in your kratom ritual. As you begin to feel lesser of the effects, you are compelled to increase the dose. After a few weeks, you increase the dose more, until, one fine day, you reach the maximum recommended limit.

Many users begin to experience side effects as they continue to increase the dose and reach upto 10 grams of kratom powder at a time. Some users even report taking 12 to 15 grams of kratom!

Not all get side effects. It depends on your rate of metabolism, digestive power, body size, and age.

Yet, having kratom in the highest doses is no matter of pride. In fact, it shows that you have developed tolerance. Developing tolerance, too, is nothing to be proud of.

Although there is no such thing as kratom addiction, tolerance can do weird things to your body.

What happens when you develop tolerance to kratom?

  • You cease to get the desired effects at the present dose.
  • Your ritual of taking kratom for energy or any recovery becomes less powerful. It might become monotonous.
  • You increase the risk of overdosing.
  • Constant intake of high doses can put pressure on your liver and kidneys. Many users experience stomach troubles, headaches, and other side effects.
  • You fail to realize when you crossed the line between using kratom and abusing kratom, as you go on increasing the dose.

Before you buy kratom in Maine, you must resolve to be careful in the use of kratom. Once you develop tolerance, you lose the charm of taking this herb, remarks an expert.

How to avoid developing tolerance?

If you wish to continue using kratom for long without developing tolerance, you need to be careful in its use right from the start.

If you have already developed tolerance, the only way for you is to stop using kratom for a while. Then start with a low dose.

Those who are yet to use kratom must follow the below tips as given by experts:

  • Go kratom free in between. Avoid taking kratom daily for a long time.
  • Rotate strains. Try different strains to keep up the excitement and to keep tolerance miles away from you.
  • Take kratom only once or twice a day, not more.
  • Use kratom in low doses. Avoid increasing the dose unnecessarily.
  • Use kratom in different ways to avoid monotony. Say, if you are using Red Bali Kratom Powder, brew it as tea one day and take it with chocolate milk the other day. Be creative with kratom.
  • Drink plenty of water when on kratom to help your body flush out the herb from the system properly.
  • Use pure and authentic kratom for maximum effect in a limited dose. Contaminated kratom might not give you desired effects in a small dose. Search for “kratom near me” to find pure kratom.

Take kratom without worry. Stick to a low dose. Do not depend on it every day. This way, you can continue taking this herb without developing tolerance.

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