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Five Most Popular Bong Companies

With cannabis being legalized in many states, stoners now have access to amazing collections of products, devices, and accessories. So, whether you love consuming your cannabis in its most natural state or prefer vaping it or even eating it as edibles, everything you need is at your fingertips.

While all cannabis products are widely used, classic blunts, bongs, and joints remain the most popular options for die-hard marijuana enthusiasts. As a result, casual and avid bong users have numerous product options to explore online and offline. When it comes to choosing, it can be a bit tricky because of the numerous options available.

This post offers a guide on the five most popular bong companies offering high-quality and cost-effective bongs in the market. So, whether you are looking for some top-quality glass art or something basic and effective, one of these brands will meet your needs. Let us check them out.

  • HVY Glass

HVY is a leading brand known for its high-quality bongs. It is one of the earliest brands of bongs renowned for producing thick, fanciful designs and vintage bong style. HVY Glass is manufactured in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California.

For the past ten years, the company has remained consistent in delivering top-notch quality bongs, including the BHCT Tag, BKMB4 Tag, HMBK7, and HVY Retro2, among others. It uses best-quality American and German borosilicate glass for creating its water bongs.

HVY bongs come in different styles and the best part is they are budget-friendly. Check out the fumed bongs, mini genie, colored raked, or the colorful coiled styles bongs for a flavorful smoking session.

  • ROOR Glass

ROOR Glass is of German origin, and the name came from the German word for pipe – Rohr. The brand leverages the knowledge and experience of its team in manufacturing high-class smoking bongs that fit into any smoking event or experience.

ROOR Glass bongs come in various styles ranging from beakers to straight tubes. All products are manufactured with durable German Schott glass. The company prides itself in consistently updating and innovating new versions of its products.

Over the years, ROOR Glass has built a name for itself in the bong industry, thanks to its high attention to detail, high-quality product components, and dedication to perfection. Its commitment to continuous innovation has led to the production of various high-class bongs and accessories.

From diffusers to ice notches, the company has pioneered many original products since its inception. It is worth mentioning that ROOR Glass has won the High Times Cup four different times.

  • Chameleon Glass

Chameleon boasts highly skilled artisan glass blowers and craftsmanship comparable to a few. With over 100 artists across the Northeast and Northwest, the company has grown to be one of the most popular bong manufacturers in the world.

Chameleon Glass prides itself on the quality of glass bongs and accessories it manufactures and supplies across the United States and globally. All products it manufactures conform to the standards and specifications required by the National Tobacco Outlet Association and the Retail Tobacco Dealer Associations.

The company performs quality control checks on each piece of bong it crafts to ensure hidden imperfections and defective bongs do not make it to the hands of its customers. The team also checks for aesthetic consistency and functional superiority to ensure each piece smokes well.

With over twenty years in business, Chameleon Glass has honed its skills and experience to qualify for a top position in the smoking glass industry. The company manufactures 100% of its products in the United States and sources its materials from the same region.

  • C2 Custom Creation 

Owned by a well-known father-and-son glassblowing company from Canoga Park in California, C2 Custom Creation is a reputable bong company with exceptional products. The father started working as a glassblower at 17 years old in Russia and passed his passion for the craft to his son later.

Both father and son started their professional partnership officially in 1994 under the name Hi-Tech Glass. They transitioned to the name C2 Custom Creation twelve years later. With their unique artistic expertise and technique, the ratchet percolator specialists have gained popularity and earned loyalty from customers globally.

C2 Custom Creation offers an impressive collection of heady glass bongs, pendants, pipes, and numerous accessories. The company prides itself on its high-quality products made with the best materials sourced from the United States.

Using scientific glass, C2 Custom Creation manufactures some of the cleanest and sleekest bongs you will find. The company is renowned for its unique percolators in its water pipes and dab rigs, including showerhead percs, mushroom percs, inline percs, barrel percs, and ratchet percs.

Zob Glass is known for its percolation. Zob’s exclusive percolator, Zobello, offers the best smoking experience with an exceptional filtration process you will hardly find anywhere else. The company offers a variety of glass bongs in different perc options, colors, sizes, and shapes.

It uses the finest borosilicate glass, which is the strongest and highest quality glass on the market. Each Zob glass is heat-resistant and can withstand operating temperatures as high as 515°F. It also has a strong resistance to thermal shock.

Zob bong also features a UFO flat disc percolator and the company’s signature percolator, Zobello. Bongs from the company come with a wide selection of impressive percs, including inlines, tree-style, and UFO designs.

Whether you are looking to buy a new bong or need a replacement downstem for your current bong, Zob Glass has everything you need. You will also find numerous high-quality accessories to make your smoking a big hit every session. The best part is the products are all moderately priced, so you never have to worry about paying a fortune for high-quality products.


These are the five top bong manufacturers in the market. You can access all these brands online across different headshops. You can also order directly from their shops online. When next you are looking to buy a new bong brand, check out any of these five brands. Of course, there are other reputable options out there you can explore.

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