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Horror Games Beside The Backrooms

Horror games have been inspired by The Backrooms, one of the most popular current online creepypastas. They are the best of the best.

This is yet another creepypasta that has become well-known in the video gaming industry. You might consider Sirenhead, a spooky story brought to life by indie authors and video games. Some small game production companies have made an effort to imitate The Backrooms’ depressing atmosphere.

A ton of video games based on this narrative released as a result of its success; the majority of these games are currently in Early Access and created by lone creators or incredibly small companies. It’s possible that you only want to play alone or that you want to solve as few puzzles as you can. It doesn’t matter because there are many video games that you can play with Backrooms-related settings or stories.

Horror Games: Escape

Puzzles are less important in Escape The Backrooms than the entire journey. The Backrooms contains a total of eight levels that you and up to two other players must find. The game is now in Early Access on Steam.

The game has an escape room feel to it because you have to escape each level. Since the developers of the game are interested in its mythology and narrative, every patch and level has a creepypasta theme.

Inside The Backrooms

It’s probable that YouTubers you look up to have already played this game because it supports multiplayer. Nobody enjoys playing spooky games alone. The game has several different stages, and each one has new challenges and puzzles to overcome. The early chores can be difficult, and it doesn’t help knowing someone is watching you covertly.

In Early Access, four stages and six creatures can be fought. Inside The Backrooms allows up to four players, proximity chat, and virtual reality for an immersive gaming experience.

Horror Games: Escape Together

This game’s objective is to encourage participant collaboration. Not the escape or the puzzles, but the fear in The Backrooms should be your main focus.

Backrooms: Escape Together and a number of other related games are currently playable on Steam Early Access. Every time you launch a new game, the goals for each level will change. This independent game from Backrooms boasts some of the best visuals in the industry thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5.

Horror Games: Survival

This horror slasher arcade game draws inspiration from a variety of sources. The game’s stages are generated at random, and several measures are up for grabs.

This is the best multiplayer survival horror game ever made. While being in Early Access, it contains a variety of levels, creatures, and game modes, such as Permadeath.

Horror Games: Footage

The opening line of The Backrooms A video starts playing outside The Backrooms to set the tone. Even if you have been moving straight ahead, the game gives you the unsettling sense that you have been wandering in circles.

While you attempt to flee, you will be mystified and confused right from the beginning of this nightmare. Besides, the video game can also be played right now in Early Access.

Horror Games: Enter The Backrooms

The Backrooms has been transformed into a frightening retro video game by a separate company. If you wish to survive this terrifying journey, you will need to use every tool in your tool belt.

There are over 54 levels in the game, some of them are not available. That excludes the several levels that included within other levels. More than merely a walking simulator of fear, the game is. There are also power-ups, achievements, and other additional components.

Horror Games: Found Footage

They also attempted to make a roguelike featuring The Backrooms. So, by keeping an eye on crucial signs like your sanity and gathering supplies and notes, you’ll be able to make it through the maze and escape. This game makes advantage of both the well-known yellow walls and the unsettling, abandoned factories.

There are many different types of workplaces to investigate in this game because each level’s 600,000,000 square miles generated constantly. You have a lot of flexibility to explore or run away thanks to this.

Horror Games: The Backrooms 1998 – Found Footage Survival Horror Game

An antique video camera used to create the ambiance in the discovered footage video game The Backrooms 1998, which was made available in early access. You play as a teenager in 1998 who has just learned about the mysterious-sounding The Backrooms.

If you’re careless and tread on anything like glass, an entity can hear everything you do. If you have a microphone connected in, the monster can even hear you. You will feel bewildered and encounter changes to your environment if you raise your voice and your character starts to lose their sanity.

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