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About InPD’s Professional Development Training Programs

‘Professional development’ often refers to any educational endeavour intended to improve an individual’s professional skills. They are crafted for an employee (or a job seeker looking to bolster their skills and resume) interested in continuing their education or remaining current in their field. Here at In Professional Development, we host eclectic seminars geared toward the working professional. You can count on us to produce promising impacts, regardless of the scale or function of your organisation.

Each of our courses designed to further your career will, without fail, feature an engaging and effective instructional format. New and returning professionals from a wide variety of industries and company sizes are among our regular clientele. You will find our programmes extremely helpful if you are seeking a promotion in your current position or a complete career change.

About Our Courses

We have courses for newcomers, those with some experience, and those at the pinnacle of their field. We offer convenient, self-paced training in business, finance, marketing, leadership, and sales through in-person and online classrooms in central London, Manchester, and online across the globe.

The programmes we offer lead to certifications ranging from the CMI’s Levels 5 and 7 to Postgraduate Diplomas (PGCert). Our PGCert forms 60 of the 180 credits needed for a Master’s degree.

Respected academic institutions like the University of Chester and the University of East London have acknowledged our work. You’ll look more credible and valuable to potential employers if recognised names in your industry endorse you.

Our extensive selection of professional development courses include the highly sought-after Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, Advanced Sales Leadership Programme, Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme, Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme, and CMI Courses.

Customised Delivery

At In Professional Development, we work with a diverse clientele, all of whom have individualised service needs. Our account management staff collaborates with you to develop specifically targeted educational programmes to assist you in reaching your business objectives. We simplify the process of extending your organisation’s reach by providing the services and expertise they need.

Our training and educational offerings are currently available both online and in-person to professionals from all over the nation. Training participants, such as those seeking executive coaching, enjoy complete independence in choosing their convenient venue.

Happy Clients

Thousands of people from both startups and well-established businesses have been through our training programmes. We have designed custom training for some big names in companies and organisations, including Adobe, DHL, the Ministry of Justice, and the ADHD Foundation.

The University of East London is our academic partner. Through them, we are able to provide three primary leadership courses: the Advanced Management Programme, the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the Higher Education Leadership Programme. American Express and the English Football League are just two of the many well-known organisations that have previously enrolled in our CMI programmes.

Prerequisites and Eligibility Requirements

To join our courses, you need no prior experience. We help organisations and individuals of all sizes and specialisations succeed. But before signing up for our leadership and management classes, we generally recommend three years of work experience in a position of senior management. Included in this category are such courses as the Mini MBA, the Senior Leadership Programme, and the Directors Development Programme.

Valuing Inclusivity

In Professional Development embodies the ideals of the visionaries who founded it with a dedication to excellence in business education. The collaborative teams we keep in place are able to adjust to new situations and new needs quickly. If our delegates have any unique requirements, we will do everything we can to accommodate them.

Choose In Professional Development

The corporate ladder isn’t something you can climb if you refuse to go higher. Go ahead and poke around at what we have to offer. Those interested in our current or future executive education programmes are encouraged to contact one of our consultants.

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