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5 sign real estate you are buying will have a good resale value

When you buy a home, you want to make sure that it’s a good investment. You want to be sure that the house will increase in value over time and continue to hold its value for years to come. But what does this mean, how do you know if your new home has a good resale value.

If you want to be sure that the real estate you’re buying today will offer a high return on investment in the future, then you should consider New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

5 sign your real estate will have a good resale value

Here are five signs real estate will have a good resale value

1.Good schools

One of the first things parents look for when shopping for a home is whether it’s in a good school district. If you’re looking for a house that will have an appreciating value, then it’s important to note that certain neighbourhoods also tend to be more desirable because of their proximity to schools.

Good schools attract good families and good parents, so if your house has good schools nearby, this can help increase its market value by attracting other families with children.

2.Diversity and amenities

Diversity and amenities are important to a property’s resale value. For example, if your house was built in the 2010s and has been updated with modern features, then it may be worth more to someone looking for an older home with similar characteristics.

Diversity and amenities can also affect how much you’re willing to pay for a particular property. 


Walkability is a measure of how easy it is to walk around an area. It can be broken down into two categories

How accessible are the public transit options, shops, restaurants and other amenities?

Does this neighbourhood look like the kind of place where people want to live? Or does it look more like an eyesore with abandoned buildings and trash everywhere?

4.Low crime rates

If you are buying a home in a city, consider the crime rates. Crime can affect your home value and quality of life in your neighbourhood. 

If you want to live in an area where people feel safe enough to walk around at night without fear of being mugged or robbed then it’s probably best to move there.

5. Floor plan is family-friendly

If you’re looking for a home that will be easy to live in and comfortable, then the floor plan is a big factor in determining your buying decision. A good floor plan will be able to accommodate all members of your family while also providing enough privacy so that each member has his or her own room. 

It should also have good air circulation throughout the house. This can help prevent allergies as well as other health issues.


So, whether you’re buying your first home or looking to move, do some research and make sure you find one with good resale value. Otherwise, all that hard work will go down the drain. 

Look for these signs like schools, amenities and low crime rates so that the value of your property increases.

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