Horizontal broaching, a machining process used to create features on parts using a series of interconnected cutters, is called machining by horizontal broaching. Horizontal bars are used to mount the cutters on the workpiece. They move linearly. This technique can be used with many materials to produce high-quality results. Horizontal broaching has many benefits. This article will discuss it.

What is horizontal broaching?

Horizontal broaching, a famous industrial manufacturing method, produces specific components quickly. Miller Broach can help you if you require bulk parts or a change in the broaching machine that you are currently using. Learn how Miller Broach’s premier broaching services can help you save time and money.

Horizontal broaching, a type of machining that makes horizontal cuts on the workpiece’s surface using a rotating tool, is an example of horizontal broaching. This process is excellent for complex shapes. It has the advantage of being very efficient.

It can produce large numbers of cuts in a relatively short time. Material of various hardnesses and thicknesses is possible to be processed. 

The tool is mounted on a horizontal spindle and moves across the workpiece in a reciprocating motion.

The horizontal spindle mounts the tool and moves reciprocally across the workpiece. The most common reciprocating saw is an elongated blade and a tooth. You can use reciprocating saws to cut through metal, plastic, and wood.

These saws are used extensively in construction and demolition. It is simple to use and can be operated with just one hand. It is easy to change the blades, and you can fit different blades to suit other materials.

It is often used to create cylindrical parts’ keyways, slots, and other features.

It can be used to create keyways and slots in cylindrical parts. You insert a cutting tool in a workpiece to make the desired feature. Then, move it along the workpiece’s surface to create the desired quality.

The market is flooded with broaching equipment but only a few can perform the difficult to machine shapes accurately. Broaching is a process for creating internal or external shapes. Our machines can handle even the most challenging projects.

It is possible using either a machine or a manual process. It is usually used for small production runs. It can create features that are difficult to achieve using other methods. It can be used to develop parts at high volumes. It is fast and efficient.

This broaching produces evenly spaced cuts parallel to the rotation axis.

Horizontal broaching can be used to make parallel, evenly-spaced cuts. This involves placing the workpiece on a table or fixture and pushing the cutting tool through a mechanically or hydraulically powered broaching machine.

It is only suitable for cutting ferrous metals like iron and steel because of the extreme forces involved. However, this broaching can be used with other materials using the right cutting tool and lubricant. Horizontal broaching is an excellent choice for applications that require precise tolerances.

Horizontal broaching is a process that can create some exact and accurate holes. Your machining projects will be more successful if you understand how the process works.  


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