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What define Headphones Price in Pakistan by low to high end?

Deciding to buy new headphones, you will be faced with a huge assortment at prices ranging from a hundred rupees to hundreds of thousands. Such a range of prices, as a rule, raises a lot of questions. Let’s see how expensive Headphones Price in Pakistan can differ from others cheap ones. 

The quality of the material and the reliability of the design

If we talk about TWS, then here it is worth paying special attention to the charging case. The Headphones price in Pakistan themselves have no moving parts and are usually made of plastic. But the charging case can have a strong impact on the price of products. The higher price tag for TWS headphones may be due to the following case parameters:

  • Battery capacity – varies from 150 to 5000 mAh. The more, the more expensive. 
  • Has magnetic mounts. They can be used both to hold the headphones in their seats, and to snap the cover into place. 
  • Material quality. In cheap cases, the plastic is easily soiled and scratches quickly, while in expensive headphones, cases can be with rubber or metal inserts for additional protection, as well as with a glossy finish.
  • Using the new generation port. In more expensive TWS, the case is charged via USB Type-C, not micro USB.
  • The presence of a screen or additional light indicators. Some cases show battery percentage. Installing an additional mini display usually increases the price of the product. 

Structural stability is of particular importance for over-ear and sheath models, since most of them offer the ability to adjust the headband. In more expensive models, the adjustment mechanism usually “lives” longer. Also, the “iris” can have an internal metal base, which gives rigidity to the structure and prevents fracture. 


The second key difference is the quality and type of “soft” materials. This refers to elements that are in direct contact with the user’s head. These are the ear pads themselves and the lining at the bottom of the headband. The most expensive models use genuine leather, which has a maximum service life and pleasant tactile sensations, and also practically does not absorb odors. Velvet or velor can also be used. In cheap devices, various substitutes are usually used – artificial leather, foam rubber or even silicone. These materials often have low elasticity, do not “breathe” well and cause discomfort if you sit with headphones for a long time. Expensive headphones also have great customization options – increasing and decreasing the length of the headband, the ability to rotate the cups and change the location of their height. All these design complications add both comfort and value to the product.  

This also includes the presence of various buttons – volume control, mute the microphone Headphone price in Pakistan and other functions. The cost of headphones is also affected by the presence of backlight. Also, headphones with a microphone with similar other parameters will cost a little more. The microphone can be movable or even removable. In general, expensive models of headphones have a better assembly, so moving parts do not fail after 1-3 months under normal use, as it can be in cheap models. 

All about sound quality

To begin with, we note that sound quality is a purely subjective characteristic, and many will not even be able to catch the difference between expensive and cheap headphones. Moreover, much depends on the playback device. However, we will look at the most important characteristics that affect the playback of audio tracks and increase the final cost. 


Shows the dependence of the volume of the sound on the level of the signal supplied to it. As a rule, it affects the maximum volume of the track, and the higher the sensitivity, the more expensive the headphones are. However, manufacturers do not have a common standard for measuring it, so this parameter is usually not comparable for different brands. 


This parameter is directly related to sensitivity and impedance, and also affects the maximum volume. As a rule, models with high power are more expensive. 

Emitter type

The most common and affordable – dynamic – is found in both expensive and cheap models. Reinforcing are most often used in earbuds and in-ear headphones of the middle and high price category. Isodynamic radiators are among the most expensive and are often used in audiophile models. The most expensive are headphones with electrostatic emitters – their cost usually starts from 90 thousand rubles.

The number of emitters

Depending on the design of the headphones, each cup can contain from one to five emitters. Since this is a complication of the design, it most often increases the price tag.  

Operating frequency range

Most models are capable of reproducing sounds in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz – it is in this range that the human ear hears. However, in expensive headphones, the range can be extended – from 4 Hz to 48 kHz. Such an “expansion” increases the cost of the device, but in fact does not always give a real improvement in sound quality. 

The audio codec to use

This applies to wireless Bluetooth headphones. The data is compressed on the source device using a special algorithm, and after being transferred to the headphones, it is decoded back. Different algorithms provide different bitrate. Basically, almost all headphones support AAC and SBC codecs. More expensive models have support for APTx and APTx HD. Some headphones from the top segment have support for the LDAC codec, which provides the highest bitrate. We talked about bluetooth codecs in more detail earlier . 

Impedance, as a rule, does not greatly affect the sound quality and cost of headphones, why exactly – you can find out here . 


Construction and acoustic performance is not the only thing manufacturers charge money for. Many Headphones Price in Pakistan and headphones have a ton of extra features that you usually have to pay extra for. We will consider the most significant of them, which most affect the price tag. 

Active noise cancellation 

One of the most popular features in headphones from the mid-to-high price segment. Allows you to improve noise isolation ( we tell you how ), especially for earbuds and in-ear headphones. Models without this feature will cost less than analogues.  

The presence of NFC. This wireless interface allows you to quickly sync your headphones with other gadgets. The function is not a priority, but the presence of an NFC module usually raises the price tag. 

Touch control

Most often found on TWS, but there are also overhead / covering models with touch buttons. Allows you to get rid of the classic mechanical buttons, but usually makes the product more expensive. 

Memory card slot

Allows you to use the headphones completely autonomously, without tying them to a smartphone or other device – tracks are played from a memory card. Such a construct usually also increases the cost of headphones.

Dust and moisture protection

The same IP standard applies as for smartphones. The higher the protection, the more expensive the headphones will cost. Models with IP 67 are available to customers – full dust tightness and water protection for short-term immersion to a depth of one meter. 

Support for wireless charging

A fashionable, but not yet so common feature, thanks to which you can charge the battery without connecting wires. As a rule, only top / pre-top models of headphones are equipped with wireless charging. 

Multipoint function

Allows you to connect a pair of devices to one headphone at once, for example, two different phones. The cost of Headphones price in Pakistan also depends on the availability of an MP3 player, built-in FM tuner, amplifier or sound card. We wrote about all the unusual additional functions of headphones – here about wireless , and here – about overhead and covering. 

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