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What Are Elements of Writing A Good Dissertation Question?

Do you want to know the things that can make your dissertation question look good? Writing an effective research question can make your whole research better. Thus, it is important to write a question which is effective and will give you the results you want in your dissertation. For this, you need to know the key elements that make a good question for research. This article will tell you about the things that make a good dissertation question.

It Is Related To A Broad And Practical Field:

Your dissertation question requires you to focus on a particular research field. It is important that the research field is related to the subject you are studying. For instance, a good research question can focus on:

  • Digital marketing
  • Educational policy
  • Economic growth
  • Literature

It would be best that you choose a study area according to your interest and knowledge. In this way, you do not have to conduct your study from scratch as you have some background knowledge on your research question. You do not need to be an expert in the question, but you should use it as a starting point for your research. Hiring a PhD dissertation writing service becomes important for it.

It Has A Specific Niche:

Your dissertation question might be related to a particular research field, but it needs to be focused on a specific and narrow area of that research field. A good research question is specific and clear. For instance, if your research field is about economic growth, then you can narrow the topic to China’s economic growth in the twentieth century. If you are writing about digital marketing, you can specifically focus on social media engagement strategies on Instagram. In this way, your research will focus on a narrow and particular research area. There might be so much research and books on a broad topic. However, a specific niche that has not been researched well can improve your research question.

It Is Plausible:

A good dissertation question is plausible. It means that the research will have an appropriate length, and you can complete it within your given timeframe. Consider the given time before choosing a research question. It is important to make sure that it is not too complex or simple that you will not be able to answer it within the given length of time. Thus, a good question is practical in nature. For instance, you choose a very difficult research question that requires a lot of research and readings you do not have time for. This can cause much trouble in the end.

It Is Researchable And Focused:

A good dissertation topic focuses on a single problem and topic. The main research question of a dissertation must follow a particular issue that keeps you focused all the time. If there are several things in your question, it will confuse you while writing and you will not be able to answer it clearly. A good research question can also be answerable by using primary or secondary data. You need to be able to gather strong arguments and collect strong evidence to answer your research question. You need to change your research question if you cannot collect primary or secondary data to answer it.

It Is Specific And Feasible:

A good dissertation question should be feasible and specific. Your research question needs to have well-defined and specific concepts. All the terms in the question need to have clear meanings. Your question cannot have broad ideas and vague language. It is important that you are clear about who, when, what, and where you will address your question. For instance:

  • What is the impact of social media on the health of people?
  • What is the impact of getting higher education on the national economic growth?

In the above examples, all the terms and concepts are perfect. These two questions do not ask for a policy or conclusive solution. Their aim is not to instruct but to inform. Even if your study is related to a practical issue, the research question should focus on the improvement of the understanding instead of just giving ready-made solutions.

It Is Arguable And Complex:

A good dissertation question cannot be easily answered with a simple yes or no. It is because answering with yes or no is not going to give you effective results in your dissertation. It is because there will not be enough scope for the discussion and investigation. A good research question cannot be answered with simple figures and facts. You can check if you can answer this research question by simply writing it on Google or reading a single article or book. If that is the case, then the question is not good enough to be used in research. Good research includes original data, interpretations, arguments, and information from several sources. The answer to your question must not be just a simple statement. There must be some space for you to interpret and discuss the research question. However, if you feel any issues in discussion of research questions, you can get PhD dissertation help.

It Is Original And Relevant:

A good dissertation question must be created by doing some initial reading on a topic. It will aim to address a gap or issue related to the topic. Your question must focus on contributing to the debate, which is very current and important TO the field in which you work. It must be able to offer knowledge that can be used as a foundation to your work for future researchers. For this, you need to come up with a ground-breaking idea. You only need to ensure that your research question has some original features.


You can easily write an effective dissertation question if you include all the above things in your dissertation question. Make sure that your question is plausible and related to a specific niche. It should focus on a single problem and topic. A good research question cannot be easily answered with a simple yes or no; there must be some space for you to interpret and discuss the research question.

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