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Resolve the Issue ‘Spotify Can’t Play Current Song’

Spotify is one of the most famous music benefits from one side of the planet to the other. While there are engineers who are ceaselessly attempting to fix new developing bugs each day. There are still a few basic blunders that most of us consistently face assuming we use Spotify routinely. You might have confronted the Spotify can’t play current song issue something like one time while playing your main song. In this article, we will talk about the conceivable reason behind this mistake and the potential stunts to determine this issue.

For what reason does this mistake occur?

There is not a solitary justification for why Spotify frequently neglects to lay the ongoing song and tosses the issue Spotify can’t play current song. Here we have recorded a couple of them. You can peruse those to comprehend the purpose for the purpose and make a move likewise.

Perhaps there’s an issue with the gadget on which the application is running. Because of this, the application doesn’t run as expected.

The second explanation for it could be the Spotify app]. It frequently happens that because of some specialized error, an application quits working or doesn’t work true to form.

Answers for The Spotify Can’t Play Current Song Issue

As we have come to be familiar with the explanations for the issue, we should continue toward see the plausible answers for this issue.

1. Restart Your Device

Restarting is potentially the most well-known strategy performed by a great many people on the off chance that they experience any mistake. In the wake of confronting any strange issue in our gadget, we commonly restart it to allow the issue to fix all alone. Restarting a Windows PC is somewhat extremely simple.

From the beginning, click on the Start button and then click on the Power button, found right over the beginning menu.

From the menu click on Restart.

For most Android gadgets, continue to press the volume up and drive button for a couple of moments to restart the gadget.

2. Restart the App

The second sort of restarting will be restarting the application. While Spotify is showing the blunder “Spotify can’t play current song”, you can restart the application to settle the mistake. To restart Spotify, do the accompanying.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a PC, open the Spotify tab and snap on the Quit Spotify choice situated at the lower part of the drop-down list.

On versatile, you can close the application either by squeezing the home button or the back button. If you are utilizing Spotify on an internet browser like Google Chrome, you can close the window of Spotify.

3. Log Out

Logging out and afterward signing in again can be a method for settling the Spotify can’t play current song issue.

If you are on a work area, click on the drop-down menu button close to your username. Starting from the drop menu, click on the Log out button.

Assuming that you are utilizing portable, open Spotify > click on the Settings symbol then, at that point, look down and snap on the Logout choice.

4. Update the App

Ensure the application is modern. This is the way you can refresh the Spotify application.


  • Open Microsoft Store and explore to the library.
  • Presently, click on the Update choice close to Spotify.

On Android

  • Open Google Play Store and search Spotify.
  • Presently, tap on the Update button.

Sometimes you need to inspect what you expect for that, read this out!

5. Arrange Music Quality Settings

In some cases, the quality at which some music is being played caused the issue. This is mostly on the grounds that the music you need to play may not help the quality that has been empowered as a matter of course. To arrange music quality, do the accompanying.

  • Open your Spotify application and tap on the Settings menu.
  • In the rundown of choices, select Audio Quality > Automatic.

6. Change Crossfading Option

Crossfading is a component present in Spotify which makes the progress between songs smooth and satisfying to the ears. The mal arrangement of this component might be one reason Spotify can’t play current song.

Open Spotify application on work area > Settings > explore to the Playback segment and switch on the Crossfading songs choice. (Put down the point in time to nothing (0) seconds.)

Finally, restart your PC.

7. Check Disk Space

On the off chance that you’re a Premium client, how much accessible free space on your gadget can be a matter for which Spotify can’t play the ongoing song. The method involved with checking the accessible space on your gadget is somewhat straightforward.

For PC

If you are running a PC with Windows OS, open This PC and check the accessible space on Local plate C or whatever other nearby plate where you have introduced Spotify. (For the most part, applications are introduced on Local plate C naturally.)

For Mobiles

Open File Manager, from that point you can see the all-out space of your versatile as well as the excess space of your portable. On the off chance that you are running out of space, you might attempt the accompanying investigating steps.

⦁ Uninstall applications you needn’t bother with.

⦁ Uninstall your superfluous downloads.

8. Really look at The Playlist

At the point when you have a few songs downloaded on your gadget, this mistake happens. The explanation might be that the song or the record has been erased from Spotify’s server yet is available on your gadget. If so, you might follow the underneath referenced advances.

Open Settings > Sync your songs (especially downloaded songs) again with the server.

Presently, erase and reinstall Spotify.

9. Reinstall Spotify

If none of the investigating steps referenced above has assisted you with fixing the issue, you ought to take a stab more readily at reinstalling Spotify. Reinstalling any application erases already put away pointless information and, in this manner, can assist you with fixing the issue. In the wake of reinstalling Spotify, you might have to sign in again with your past Spotify account.

End Note:

In this article, we have talked about the ways of settling the Spotify can’t play current song issue. We have examined every one of the potential reasons top to bottom. We trust that these arrangements have assisted you with taking care of the issue. On the off chance that the issue has not been tackled at this point, you can have a go at remarking underneath the article or reaching Spotify’s help.

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