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Planning an Exotic Car Rental in Miami? Here Are Some Rules to Follow

Every city has its own set of driving rules and Miami is no exception. Once you finalize your exotic car rental in Miami, it’s best to spend time on some prep. The very first thing to do is get hands-on with the driving rules of the city. After all, no one would want to have a tryst with unpleasant circumstances when on a holiday! 

Basic Rules to Follow

Some basic rules to follow when driving in Miami are:

  • Always stick to the ride side of the road when you drive. Never cut lanes. Keep to one lane and drive in complete safety.
  • Generally, taking a right turn at a red light is always allowed unless a restriction is mentioned on the road. Just look out for signs if any.
  • Whenever you are driving, always make sure you know low-speed areas like residential areas and school zones. Residential areas will have a speed limit of 30MPH and schools will be around 15MPH. These will be mentioned on signboards. Make sure you take notes while driving. 
  • You will always need to carry your driving license and your vehicle registration papers with you. Proof of car insurance should also be kept at hand. 
  • Wearing seatbelts are mandatory. Special car seats are recommended for children below the age of 5 years. 
  • Turning on wipers or windshields is mandatory during heavy fog or in rains. 

When you head to a service provider for exotic car rental near me, most of these rules will be discussed with you. They are part of standard procedure. However, there are some more specific directives and guidelines that are to be adhered to when driving in Miami. 

Some more Specific Guidelines to Adhere to

When you rent a Mercedes in Miami, knowing a bit about general driving habits here would help. Some of the important ones to take note of include:

  1. Drivers in Miami are extremely notorious for lane switching and they do so without using any signals. Sights of cars swerving across lanes without any warning whatsoever are a common sight. The only way to drive safely is to stay extremely vigilant. 
  2. Passing is allowed from both right and left. Therefore, even when you are driving in the fast lane, assuming no car will pass from the right is a mistake. Always keep your eyes and ears open and check on both sides for preventing mishaps. 
  3. Yellow lights mean “speed up” in Miami. So, do not push the brake pedal when the lights turn yellow as you could be hit from behind! Get started and begin moving as the light turns yellow. Miami residents are not very patient. 
  4. Using your cellphone while driving is illegal in Miami. However, you will find locals indulging in lawlessness anyway! Be prepared. 
  5. Yielding to pedestrians is not a common practice when in Miami although pedestrians have a legal right to have their way! Not many are prepared to wait on them.

The experience of exotic car rental in West Palm Beach, FL is likely to be several notches better once you are well versed with the rules. Make sure you keep them in mind while driving. 

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