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How to download twitter videos

As you know, Twitter is always evolving, a social media platform with more and more users, as well as many other new add-ons. Nowadays, it is very common that people use Twitter to post media, GIF formats, jokes and other video content, it is very easy to find memes and videos from specific hashtags on Twitter, but there is no option to download them to your phone. This article explains how to download videos and from Twitter.

Twitter allows you to enjoy images and videos as well as regular tweets, but while posted images can be easily saved, videos cannot be downloaded…

That said, there may be times when you want to save a video on Twitter, such as a video taken and shared by a friend, or a video that you previously posted on Twitter but deleted from your device. In such a situation, there are some sites and apps that can save Twitter videos, but in reality, there are many that cannot be used properly.

In this article, we will show you how to download Twitter videos.

Learn how to use an external web tool to save videos posted on Twitter. There are several websites. 

1. Twitter video download

2. ssstwitter

3 twdown

4. twitter video downloader

5. save tweet vid

6. savefrom

Twitter video download sites allow you to download and save Twitter videos in high quality. And the way to save Twitter videos in high quality on online sites is almost the same.

Step1: First, open the Tweet of the video you want to save from the Twitter app.

Step2 : Once open, copy the link from the share button.

Step 3: Next, open twitter video download

Step 4: Paste the URL you copied earlier and tap the “Done” button.

Step 5: Select the quality of the video.

Step 6: Download the video.

Sometimes you come across videos on Twitter that you need to save to your camera roll, although the Twitter app and the official website make it easy to save images, there’s no official way to download videos locally. Fortunately, there is a solution!

This is the easiest way to download Twitter videos on iPhone and Android.

How to download videos on Twitter for smartphones via Video Downloader application

1. First, let us download the Video Downloader application by searching for an app called Video >
| Once the application has been downloaded and installed, let us open the video you want to download> Tap the Share Video option > Copy Link
2. Go to the downloaded application > paste the link in the “Enter Twitter video link” > Download box 3. Tap Download
again (you can choose to download as mp4 or SD) and that’s it!

How to download videos on Twitter for iphone

The above methods are straightforward. However, because of ads (and sometimes server failures), you might want to find another way. This is a great quick option. It doesn’t have ads and doesn’t have to copy links, but instead involves adding third-party shortcuts to your iPhone.

Follow the steps below to download Twitter videos on your iPhone using the shortcut.

Go to using Safari and tap Get shortcuts, tap Add Untrusted shortcut.

Open Twitter, tap the Share icon under the tweet of the video, tap Share Through…tap TVDL v3.1 (this number may be different for you)

When the notification appears, tap OK, select the video quality you want, and then tap OK, allow shortcuts to access photos so that they can record local videos. Done!

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