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How to choose a driving school with quality driving lessons

To get a driver’s licence, you need to complete a driving school and pass an exam in the traffic police. Training consists of three stages: theory, practice and testing. Only passing the entire course allows you to get rights. Enjoy easy payment options, including cashless transactions, at car parking Birmingham.

How to choose a driving school in St. Petersburg, where qualified instructors are guaranteed to teach? For many, one of the key criteria is the cost of courses. However, you need to focus not only on the price of lessons, but also on the reputation of the institution, reviews about it, the percentage of graduates who successfully passed exams, etc.

What to look for when selecting a driving school

To decide which driving school to go to, pay attention to the following criteria:


Studying at school takes a lot of time. A week is usually held from two to five classes of 1.5-2 hours each. Therefore, it is desirable that the classes are located near the house.

Car park

The choice of cars should be large enough so that you can pick up a model that is as close as possible to yours. Students should be given a choice: to study directly for a manual or automatic transmission.


For the learning process to be effective, it is not enough for the teacher to simply be able to operate the machine. He must have both professional knowledge and the ability to convey the necessary information to students. It depends on the instructor how quickly and confidently you learn to drive a car.

Cost and terms of payment

There is no need to focus on the lowest prices. Cheapness may indicate outdated equipment or a negligent approach to learning. If courses are expensive for you, it is better to look at schools that offer installments or gradual payments.

In addition, a good driving school has a fixed cost for lessons. It does not fluctuate with fuel prices or other factors.

Thinking about how to choose the right driving school, do not forget about additional services. These can be online theory classes, training in several categories at once, restoring skills or training in extreme driving.

What you can’t save on when choosing a driving school

Do not consider only the cheapest car courses. This may turn out to be a dubious company that does not bear any responsibility to the students. Be sure to make sure that the driving school has a license before signing the contract. In addition, it must be entered into a single traffic police database.

Also, you will not be able to save money by choosing courses with a meager car pool. Such organizations can only provide outdated models that are extremely uncomfortable to manage. Reseeding on your own transport, you will have to retrain.

5 signs of a non-professional teacher

For a beginner who has never been behind the wheel, it is not easy to get the first skills. This is a long process that requires effort and patience. Therefore, it is very important to find a good instructor with whom he will be comfortable.

You should refuse the services of a teacher if he has:

  • speech problems;
  • no specialised education;
  • disregard for the basics of driving;
  • no interest in the result;
  • unkempt or defective vehicle.

Another sign of a bad teacher is that the instructor raises his voice all the time, insults the student or other road users.

In order to study fruitfully and effectively in a driving school, you need to seriously approach its choice. Do not rush to sign up for the first courses that come across. Find and read alumni testimonials, compare multiple options to find what works for you.

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