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How to buy crypto fast and easy?

How long does it take to buy crypto? Does it take days to receive crypto in a wallet after you make the payment? Can you buy crypto easily? Can you buy crypto online? Where do you buy crypto from? What are the different kinds of payment options to buy crypto easily? Is it possible to buy crypto fast online?

Phew! A flurry of questions!

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Well, it’s normal- probably you are new to the crypto world and keen to know about the nuts and bolts of the trade. That’s good- the post below will answer all your questions so that you can proceed with an informed acumen while investing or trading in crypto. Read more

Time taken to receive crypto

Around 1 in 3 aspiring crypto users want to know how likely it is to buy crypto fast and easy?

Well, to answer the question in 1 line, it is possible to buy crypto easy and quickly. However, at times credit or debit card payments might take up to 3 business days to process the transaction that might delay the confirmation of the payment- and hence receipt of funds. But also, you have a host of top crypto exchanges these days that allow users to buy crypto fast. In fact, these exchanges assure almost instant transaction and receipt of cryptos.

Is it easy to purchase crypto?

The crypto industry has evolved astronomically over the last decade and is projected to rise up by 5x within the coming 10 years. You have around 600 crypto exchanges today as well as 300 million (worldwide) crypt users today. The number of Bitcoin ATMs grew to 30,000+ in 2021 from a meager 14,000. A bunch of other platforms are also coming up where you can buy crypto fast. Cryptocurrency awareness has expanded into the mainstream world – from pop culture to memes to crowdfunding campaigns, you have crypto everywhere today.

With options to buy crypto fast galore and the growing awareness about the concept of digital assets, it has become ‘easy’ to purchase crypto today. Contrary to the popular myth, you don’t always need to shell out a small fortune to buy crypto easy. New traders and investors can jolly well start investing in crypto with as little as $25-$50.

Also, you don’t always need the help of brokers to help you to buy crypto easy. Cryptocurrency exchanges and other related platforms usually offer a user-friendly interface so that even new users can buy crypto fast independently. If you ever get stuck somewhere, there are customer care teams to help you out so that you can buy crypto easy.

Several exchanges have also posted articles and videos online on how to buy crypto easy. Though these contents are mostly about how to buy crypto fast from their platforms, the tips offered cater to almost all other platforms as well.

What are the different payment options?

Much to the convenience of crypto users, crypto exchanges and marketplaces today allow various kinds of payment options to buy crypto easy. Most of the exchanges offer fiat payments to buy crypto fast. If you sign up with a fiat-approved exchange or marketplace, you will be able to avail multiple payment options to buy crypto easily – bank wire transfer, debit card, credit card, payment processing systems, and so on. You can also buy crypto fast with crypto debit cards.

It’s to note here, crypto exchanges generally offer discounts if you make payments on the exchange through their native token.

Where to buy crypto?

There are both online and offline options to buy crypto easy. Online options to buy crypto fast include crypto exchanges, P2P marketplaces, and payment processing platforms. The offline route to buy crypto easy is crypto ATM.

Crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges are the best place to buy crypto easy. If you want to know what are the places to buy crypto fast, just type online “buy crypto instantly from crypto exchanges”. Your search engine will come up with a list of crypto exchanges from where you can buy crypto fast. Choose 5-6 exchanges to buy crypto easy from the list and run a market study to find the most compatible platform for you.

Here are the pointers to check when you are looking for the right crypto exchange to buy crypto fast-

Compatible with your jurisdiction
Backed by a solid reputation
Industry-leading security measures in place to ensure you can buy crypto fast without worries
Versatile range of payment options so that you can buy crypto easy. If you are planning to use debit or credit cards, check beforehand your card provider accepts payments for crypto.
Breeze interface to buy crypto easy
Insurance for funds
P2P marketplace

P2P marketplace, contrary to popular opinion, is not a decentralized exchange to buy crypto easy.

A decentralized exchange facilitates anonymous trade between buyer and seller. Akin to a decentralized exchange, a P2P marketplace is not governed by a centralized authority. But, it does not facilitate anonymous trade between buyer and seller. Rather, a P2P marketplace connects buyers and sellers directly to one another so that buyers can buy crypto fast.

Akin to exchanges, a P2P crypto marketplace too allows various kinds of payment options so that you can buy crypto easy. However, with a P2P marketplace, your ordered sum of crypto will be kept on hold unless the seller confirms the payment. Once the seller confirms the payment, the crypto will be delivered to your wallet.

It’s to stress here that not all sellers on a P2P marketplace will be equally credible when you are looking to buy crypto easy. Always look for sellers who can boast great reviews.

Cryptocurrency ATMs

While Bitcoin ATMs rule the roost yet you have ATMs for other cryptos as well from where you can buy crypto fast. These are just like traditional ATMs- the only defining difference is that instead of cash you will receive cryptos here. You need to have a wallet beforehand to use a crypto ATM to buy crypto easy. The ATM will send the cryptos directly to your wallet after the payment.

You can use both cash and debit card to buy crypto easily from crypto ATMs. However, although a crypto ATM allows you to buy crypto fast, yet it charges way higher fees compared to exchanges.

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