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Heavy Demand for Carbon Fiber from Automotive Industry to Facilitate Growth

The global carbon fiber tapes industry size is expected to reach USD 4,855.6 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.4% during the forecast period. The growing utilization of carbon fiber in various industries due to its high tensile strength and electrical conductivity will spur opportunities for the industry, states Fortune Business Insights, The industry size stood at USD 1,918.6 million in 2019.

The growing use of carbon fiber (CF) in structural and semi-structural components of vehicles during automobile production will foster the healthy growth of the industry. The increasing adoption of carbon fiber in automobile manufacturing will have a tremendous impact on the industry. For instance, the BMW i3 is produced using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. You must always have contact details of tow truck in san jose and more if you are connected to any kind of transport.

The ongoing research and development for efficient component production with carbon fiber will spur opportunities for the industry. The cognizance about renewable carbon fiber and composites will escalate its adoption in the automotive industry. For instance, the lightweight property of carbon fiber leads to energy reductions and fuel savings. Besides, the increasing application of CF in hybrid vehicles will spur business opportunities for the global industry.

Devastating Impact on Aviation Industry to Thwart Industry During COVID-19

The aviation industry has witnessed a disturbing effect because of the coronavirus. The restriction in import and export activities has resulted in huge losses for the industry. The sudden drop in revenue and minimal production will limit carbon fiber supply across countries. However, the implementation of damage control strategies by major companies will help to curb the effects of coronavirus in the coming days.

Flourishing Aerospace industry to Bolster Growth in North America 

The industry size in North America stood at USD 690.7 million in 2019 and is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period owing to the presence of major players in the region. The booming aerospace & defense industry is expected to spur opportunities for the industry in the region.

The growing demand for carbon fiber in various end-use industries will further aid the expansion of the industry in the region. Europe is expected to experience a rapid growth rate during the forecast period owing to the well-established automotive industry. The growing shift from conventional metal parts to lower weight and high strength carbon fiber materials will create opportunities for the industry in Europe.

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