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Gynecologic Oncology in Noida by Dr Bhumika Shukla

Niraamaya Clinic provides patients with world-class healthcare services in an easily accessible location – Sector-104. It is easily accessible both by road and rail.

Dr Bhumika Shukla is an esteemed gynecologist in Delhi NCR. As a gold medalist in MD at King George Medical College of Lucknow, she founded Niraamaya Clinic for Women to serve her patients directly while adding personal care.

Surgical Procedures

Dr Bhumika Shukla is one of the premier gynecologists in Delhi NCR, having earned her MD at King George Medical College, Lucknow. She owns her own clinic called Niraamaya Clinic for Women in Sec 104 Noida to offer patients direct services with more personal attention than they find at traditional hospitals.

She has over nine years of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. She specializes in high risk pregnancy, foetal medicine consultations, advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries as well as advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

She has performed thousands of surgeries with great success and safety, such as Abortion (Medical Termination of Pregnancy or MTP), Endometriosis, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Tumour, and Infertility Treatment.

Radiation Therapy

No matter where cancer arises in your reproductive organs – be it in the womb, fallopian tubes, or ovaries – our gynecologic oncologists can provide help. They’ll use minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopy to remove damaged tissue, while simultaneously treating you with chemotherapy and radiation therapy therapies.

Gynecologic oncologists are specially-trained to perform various cancer screening tests, such as pap smears and mammograms, for women. Such screening can detect cancer early on when treatment options may be easier; regular cancer screenings can reduce morbidity and mortality rates associated with gynecological oncology diseases.

Radiation therapy uses high-level x-rays to destroy cancerous cells and stop their further spread, providing one of the few medical institutions in India offering this innovative form of cancer care. At our institution, this therapy option is one of several available.

Our radiation oncologists are experienced professionals with decades of treating various tumors using conformal techniques such as IGRT, IMRT, SRS and SBRT. Furthermore, they possess knowledge in brachytherapy procedures like ICRT and HDR interstitial brachytherapy for more comprehensive cancer treatments.

Our team includes gynecologic oncologists, medical and radiation oncologists, gynecology nurses, clinical nurse specialists, radiologists, pathologists and physiotherapists who will create a tailored treatment plan tailored to meet the unique needs of every patient. They will also offer support during and after your treatment, and our doctors are committed to making it as safe and effective as possible for you. They stay up-to-date on new techniques by constantly upgrading their skills and learning new technology in order to provide you with optimal gynecologic oncology care. They participate in clinical trials with other oncologists as active participants to monitor treatment progression; furthermore they can discuss options for palliative care including pain management or home based care options as part of palliative care arrangements for palliative care providers as well.


Treatment for gynecological cancer usually entails both surgery and chemotherapy. Surgery is the primary form of treatment in early stages, particularly those that are localized or superficial tumors. Surgery also improves survival chances by staging and removal of damaged tissue from pelvic organs through laparoscopic techniques that cause less discomfort post-procedure while shortening recovery time significantly compared with traditional approaches. Our hospital has oncologists skilled in laparoscopic techniques who specialize in operating on these cases for improved chances of survival.

Gynecological oncologists use biopsy as one method of examination when investigating suspicious areas for cancer cells. The procedure involves inserting a needle through your vagina and taking samples of cells from cysts or tumors; this allows gynecologic oncologists to make an accurate diagnosis of their condition.

Endoscopy is another effective way of diagnosing gynecologic cancer. Our gynecologists can use endoscopes to examine internal tissues for any signs of cancer using flexible tubes with cameras attached, enabling them to spot abnormal areas more readily.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) viruses are the cause of cervical cancer. While HPV usually clears itself out on its own, in rare instances it may remain and lead to cancerous tumors in the cervix. Our gynecologists offer screening tests and vaccines to detect this cancer and provide vaccines as preventives against it; for those diagnosed with cervical cancer already, sentinel node biopsies will be performed to ensure no other lymph nodes are involved in its spread; while our doctors also perform hysteroscopies to examine other parts of pelvic region for signs.


Gynecologic Oncology is a subspecialty of oncology dedicated to treating cancers of the female reproductive system. These include cancers of the uterus, vagina, clitoris, fallopian tubes and ovaries. A skilled gynecologic oncologist can offer advanced and compassionate care for women living with these cancers.

No one should experience gynecologic cancer alone; that’s why choosing the appropriate gynecologic oncologist can be so taxing. Someone with expertise to treat all stages of cancer – both immediate and preventive measures – is essential.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla stands out as a highly qualified, caring, and compassionate gynecologic oncologist with 18 years of clinical experience from her time at King George Medical College in Lucknow and as gold medalist from its prestigious King George Medical College of Lucknow. Additionally, she’s participated in various quality improvement projects for both nationally and Michigan-wide gynecologic oncology divisions.

She’s known for her ethical, transparent, and compassionate medical practice and has performed thousands of surgeries. Patients have raved about her friendly personality and ability to put them at ease during stressful situations. Niraamaya Clinic for Women was founded to serve its patients directly while adding the personal touch that many hospitals lack.

Dr Bhumika Shukla offers Gynae Oncology in Noida through her website or clinic, or you can book a consultation through Practo to discuss your case and find answers to questions regarding it – helping you make an informed decision regarding any treatments or surgeries necessary for you.

Other Treatments

Women battling gynecologic cancers have access to numerous treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormones and targeted therapy. Psychotherapy may also prove helpful; its aim being talking through past traumas in order to learn how best to cope with them in the present.

Gynaecologic oncologists are physicians who specialize in treating female-specific reproductive organ diseases. They have extensive training to care for both medical and surgical aspects of women’s care; additionally they may offer screening tests which detect diseases in their early stages when treatment can be more easily managed.

Dr Bhumika Shukla is an outstanding Gynecologist in Noida. She graduated with honors from King George Medical College, Lucknow and completed fellowship training in Advanced Gynae Laparoscopy. As one of Noida’s premier gynecologists with years of experience handling complex obstetric cases and difficult pregnancy deliveries, Niraamaya Clinic in Sector 104 Noida allows Dr Shukla to serve her patients directly while giving a personal touch many hospitals lack.

“She is well known for her friendly nature and ethical, transparent and compassionate medical practice; as such she has been featured in national and international publications as well as membership of many professional societies and organizations, working on quality improvement projects at University of Michigan Gynecologic Oncology division, working closely with Quality Improvement Consortium of Michigan. Additionally she regularly speaks at conferences while being considered an authority on Gynecologic Oncology; having published numerous works and book.

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