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Fort Bend Independent School District

Fort Bend Independent School District is one of Texas’s largest school systems, serving Sugar Land, Meadows Place, Missouri City and Arcola in Fort Bend County.

FBISD strives to empower students with the tools needed to pursue futures beyond what they could imagine. Through innovative programs that offer opportunities for all students, FBISD encourages and equips its students to create lives they may never have thought possible.

Whole Child Health Initiative

Researchers have long advocated for education leaders and public health professionals to collaborate and set joint goals regarding children’s health. Schools and communities serve as key institutions that support development and learning for young children; therefore, their working together on this is absolutely critical.

ASCD and CDC have joined forces to introduce the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model as a means of showing how education and health sectors can collaborate to help students meet their social, emotional, physical, cognitive needs and facilitate greater learning experiences. It builds upon CSH principles as well as elements from whole child approaches such as coordinated school health (CSH).

FBISD Skyward offers mental health counselors at all campuses who are available to help students with any challenges they are encountering, from suicide prevention and stress management strategies, healthy eating habits and sleep habits, creating positive social media footprints to college preparation tips – these resources and advice are there for any challenge a student might be facing.


Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers students engaging career pathways using real world experiences that shape their skill sets, attitudes and beliefs. Utilizing rigorous course sequences with industry-recognized certificates at the end of each pathway, CTE students are equipped to enter high demand fields of study after graduation.

FBISD offers advanced Career Technical Education programming to all high school students in Fort Bend ISD through its James Reese CTE Center, named in honor of one of its former superintendents and providing advanced CTE programming for agriculture, architecture, automotive technology, business management, culinary arts and information technology fields.

Researchers now understand that CTE is caused by abnormal accumulations of tau proteins dislodged from delicate transport structures within brain cells called microtubules. If left undetected, these proteins can spread throughout the brain causing degeneration similar to Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative conditions. Pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu first reported CTE in a professional athlete and began reaching out to families of deceased players to arrange brain donations after publishing his initial report in 2005.

Student Recruitment

Student recruitment can be a complex and time-consuming process that involves multiple departments working collaboratively to attract the appropriate students, guide them through their admissions journey and successfully enroll them at your school.

CallHub can assist your recruitment efforts by offering data analytics and communication tools such as CallHub that allow for tracking effectiveness of recruitment tactics; you can use personalized messages sent directly to prospects as a way of keeping them engaged with the process.

One key to successful student recruitment is using your institution’s strengths to differentiate itself from competing colleges and universities. Working with student services to emphasize support resources, and alumni relations to highlight success stories will appeal to prospective students looking for an all-rounded experience. You could even incorporate videos into your marketing materials as another means of engaging prospects and showing off unique offerings – this could increase their odds of choosing your college over others!

Extended Day

Students enrolled in Extended Day may arrive on campus as early as 7:00 AM and be guided directly into their classrooms by our staff, until parents arrive for pick up at 6:00 PM. In between this, Extended Day provides quiet homework time as well as enrichment activities such as games, music, art and outdoor fun!

Contrary to traditional child care arrangements, the Extended Day program offered at FBISD students is free. Operated by the Academy, it includes snacks for each participant as well as the opportunity to purchase meals on campus.

Families registering their child(ren) for Extended Day in 2023-2024 school year have the option to select either morning or afternoon session as their preference; this selection carries over each month until a change request is submitted and will require a $25 change fee per request. Parents can update the schedule via Amilia by logging into Amilia and updating it accordingly.

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