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How to Fix Your Phone’s Damaged Speakers – Tips By Hamilton’s Phone Repair Shops

A phone’s ear and the call speaker problems can become more of an issue than you may think. Even if you use earphones to enjoy music, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls, hear notifications, text alerts, or other services if the speaker is silent.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about phone speaker damage with the help of experts from Hamilton’s phone repair shops.

Let’s dive right in!

All You Must Know About Phone Speaker Damage – By Hamilton’s Phone Repair Shops

Even fixing a phone if a speaker malfunction can be challenging. That’s because there are many potential reasons why the phone speaker might be mute.

For instance, the phone can be muted without your knowledge, Bluetooth might be routing the sound in another direction, or the audio output setting could be causing issues. It is usually only obvious what caused a phone speaker to malfunction if you’ve tried the related fix.

Is the Speaker Really Damaged?

Broken and malfunctioning are two different terms. To check if any sound comes out of the phone or just a few sounds come out, you should perform a phone speaker test. Check whether your phone speaker isn’t working during calls by testing your ringtone, music, and notification sound.

Understanding the two things that happen each time your phone makes a sound is crucial to figure out why your speaker won’t function:

Software: The software on your phone chooses which audio to play and when.

Hardware: Your phone’s internal speaker translates the instructions from the software into audible sound waves.

If the software is defective, your smartphone’s speaker might not receive the right signals, resulting in a speaker that doesn’t work or is distorted. The good news is that most software issues can be resolved at home. The hardware, though, is a different matter and may require help from an expert. Taking it to a professional phone repair shop in Hamilton is a good option.

Hardware Problem

The speaker is among the parts of a cell phone that can get damaged easily. When a thin material vibrates extremely quickly, speakers produce sound waves. The speaker can stop working, become muted, or make static noises if that material is harmed.

Easy Fixes

Check the Basics

First, let’s examine the essentials. Make sure your phone is not in silent mode. Silent mode is activated if you see a red mark on the small switch above its volume buttons.

Ensure the volume is set at a level suitable for hearing as well. After adjusting it, make a call to check if the speaker works.

Check if it is on Headphone Mode

All sound is played using the headphone in this mode, not the speaker. The problematic aspect is that your cell phone will attempt to play sound via headphones that aren’t connected if it believes they are plugged in when they aren’t.

This typically occurs when a little piece of trash or moisture enters the headphones connector and “tricks” the cell phone into believing that headphones/earphones are plugged in.

Check If the Sound is Playing Somewhere Else

As soon as they are within range, cell phones instantly reconnect and start playing sound via smartTV, Bluetooth speakers,  and other devices. Sometimes users are unaware that sound is being played via another device within their home or vehicle.

Perform a Hard Reset

The only way to know for sure that your speaker is faulty is to reset your cell phone.

You’ll be able to tell if the issue has been resolved almost immediately when the restoration is finished. Make sure you create backups before doing so.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Users routinely receive fixes for reported problems and bugs through iOS upgrades. It’s recommended to Install it if you are using an older version of iOS or if you received an update.

Visit Your Nearest Phone Repair Shop in Hamilton 

Did nothing work for you? Don’t lose hope just yet! Take your damaged cell phone to a reputable phone repair shop in Hamilton, as soon as possible. Luckily, Hamilton is home to the repair industry with numerous successful phone repair shops like Evo Repairs. Their experts will ensure you receive your phone back as good as new!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Phone repair shop steal my data?

The repair professionals don’t need to access or steal your data. If you have taken all the security measures, don’t be worried. If the repair technicians need to unlock your device following repairs, they will require your permission. 

Should I repair my damaged phone myself?

It is not recommended to try repairs yourself as it requires experience,  special training, and tools that a layman does not have. DIY repairs can further harm your damaged phone.

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