Why send a virtual greeting card for your business?

The holiday season is approaching, and you must decide what kind of card to send to your customers and business partners. Are you the printed card type or the virtual greeting card type?

Why is a virtual greeting card more economical for your business?

More economical than the paper card

The virtual greeting card is the ideal way for your business to reach your customers and business partners at a low cost.

You can create an animated greeting card with a concept unique to your business. It takes time to create a concept and find the right visuals, but you are sure that your card is one of a kind!

For entrepreneurs with a smaller budget, animating beautiful images like this will be much more economical, but equally appreciated by your customers. Of course, there are good practices to follow to ensure you have a quality card! You can get in touch with the best video companies near me to get the job done.


When sending your card, write a personalized note to each person you will send it to in your email. If you are busy, send your virtual greeting card for your business to your contacts with just one click! It’s great, isn’t it?

What are the other advantages of using the virtual greeting card?

Reuse of the card year after year without it appearing

Your favorite graphic designer created your card? Reuse it for several years for your business. Yes! Yes! For less than the first year’s cost, images and text can easily be changed, and you will have a brand-new card for a fraction of the first year’s price!

More contacts can benefit

In the majority of cases, for the sake of the economy, contractors only send a paper cards to their customers. For the same price, the virtual business greeting card allows you to spread your wishes to your suppliers, your business partners, and even potential customers! Here is a great opportunity to reconnect with former customers! Wait, it’s not over, there are even more benefits….


The virtual Christmas card is eco-friendly because it requires no paper or envelope! You do not even have to take your car to post it!

Sharing on social networks

If your card is original, it could very well end up on social networks! People love to share videos made by a production company near me (or animations), and if your card makes them smile, their reflex will be to show it to their contacts via social networks! Since your logo is embedded in the animation, your brand will spread as fast as Santa’s sleigh.

That is all! You understand better now why it would be important to convey your good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to your customers using a virtual greeting card for your business!

So… what are you waiting for to send a virtual greeting card this year? Hurry up if you want to take advantage of all the benefits it offers for your business! Don’t forget that we can help you design it!


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