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Construction Planning for Home Renovation – Tips by Reddy Kancharla

Home renovation is needed for almost all homeowners at some point. There are different stages to look at in a typical home renovation project. Renovation is a more significant, more costly residential project for an average homeowner.

So, you need to be very careful and thoughtful about going about a home renovation project, something which the experienced professionals at Kentstruction are adept at. In fact, the steps involved in a home renovation project are more or less the same as that of a new construction project at a lesser scale. For home, you always need services like best texasroofing companies. Here, we will discuss these step-by-step procedures as explained by an expert.

Reddy Kancharla on home renovation project steps

Reddy Kancharla is aconstruction expert and consultant who has successfully accomplished many residential and commercial projects. This article will listen to his tips for homeowners to plan for their renovation or home upgrading projects.

  • Selecting the right designer – Designers and architects offer home renovation project design services. Usually, their services range from the unit design to the selection of materials and colors and a wide range of collaborative solutions across the project. The homeowners must try to meet with different designers and contractors to design which renovation design will suit the most to the existing structure and budget restrictions.
  • Creating schematics – As we have seen above, the design will show the floor plan for remodeling, and then you may go back and forth by reviewing it until the final design is agreed upon. For a residential project, a schematic design is ideally the project plan.
  • Choosing a contractor – Contractors are the ones who actualize your project, and so one should be very careful in this selection. The contractors will help you create the schematics and give you the cost estimates. You may check for references as well as interview the potential contractors to find out the best choice for you.
  • Shop for materials – This is another step where the homeowners should get involved. The choice of quality materials is very important for remodeling projects. The contractor will ask for your suggestions based on the schematics and the budget. Remember that you have to go for material purchase only after finalizing the construction plan by the architect and the contractor.
  • Getting permits – It is essential to get the needed permit to start the project for any construction project. This may be a time-consuming exercise, so you need to plan in advance. Many middleman agencies also help you out with the paper works and applications, which the professional contractors may also assist you with.

Finally, once you obtain the needed permits, you can put everything on paper and sign the contractor to start the work. Before signing up, you and the contractor need to engage in some fundamental value engineering by revising each aspect of the project to cut costs wherever possible and also agree upon the timeline and project objectives. By this stage, Reddy Kancharla says thatthe contractors may also have planned the work schedule and possible delivery dates of materials, project completion, etc.

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