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Can I repair my iPhone by myself?

Apple has recently introduced its DIY repair kits for some of its products, it has always been possible to disassemble an iPhone and swap out its internal parts for aftermarket ones. I did exactly that to breathe new life into my old iPhone 7. Over a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro, that’s a significant saving.

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I decided to purchase a replacement battery and tools from Apple and attempt to replace the battery myself rather than returning the phone and experiencing buyer’s remorse.

After a little more than an hour, I was able to replace the battery without incident, and the iPhone 7 was back to normal operation. I’m not going to provide step-by-step instructions here; if you want those, visit iphone repair auckland cbd and purchase a kit. I’ll besides describe my own experience and how easy it was to finish this.

Is it useful for me to change the battery in my iPhone by myself?

Since batteries degrade over time and the iPhone 7 was released more than seven years ago, it’s not surprising that the battery in the one I purchased wasn’t in excellent condition.

I wasn’t typically “handy” in the DIY sense, but up until a certain point I discovered I could. Only seven internal screws needed to be removed; they were simple to replace according to iFixit’s instructions.

I found it a little confusing that the instructions provided by iphone battery replacement auckland cbd on its website end after describing how to remove the old battery.

The only directive in the summary was to perform the previous steps backward. Although it wasn’t particularly challenging, I could have used more direction at that particular time.

Another problem I encountered was that the screen protector that was installed cracked as I was removing the screen. When I first saw the hairline cracks, I was concerned that I had harmed the display, but thankfully it had not.

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