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Best Ways to Prepare Your Rental Property for Inspection

Inspections are regular parts of home renting and are nothing new. Approaching them with a healthy mindset makes you more accepting of your situation. As landlords rent their property, all they wish to accomplish with investments is to ensure their investment is safe. It’s a reasonable request, and everyone would do the same. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to make your next property inspection a breeze.

1. Be mindful of your pets

Animals are always an unknown factor. It does not matter if your pet is calm, well-behaved and trained because when inspections come, plenty of new and unknown factors get involved. Your pet can get stressed during a home inspection and cause unwanted damage or worse. Also, pets are very fast and efficient when making anything dirty, so they can inadvertently ruin your work or make it more complicated. You can take your pet to a daycare centre or have a friend take it for one hour, as home inspections rarely last that long.

2. Take special care of the plants

You only get one chance to make the first impression, and all the plants and greenery around your rental tell a story. Your rental home can be spotless, without a single spot of dirt, but if your plants are withered, your backyard is full of debris, and everything is grey and dead, all those plants are clear signs of neglect. Healthy and thriving plants instill confidence and brighten up the place. If there are some unhealthy or sick plants, replace them out of the picture, as they will be a negative factor for your inspection. Taking care of your houseplants shows that you are willing to take care of your rental, which leads to a positive outcome.

3. Clean and spotless are the norm

Now we tackle the elephant in the room, and that’s general cleanness. Making everything in your rental apartment spotless is the norm, but that norm can be hard to accomplish. Inspections can be pedantic, but you can stay ahead with assistance from pro and efficient bond cleaning from Sydney, and tip the scales in your favour. Any cost they may contain is lesser than the damages a bad inspection review can cause. You will also save plenty of time and energy, so reaching out to them is always the best move.

4. Always declutter

Out of sight, out of mind. If you are tripping all over the place, imagine what difficulties other people will have. Minimalistic apartment design will let each piece shine and make cleaning easier. Put away any remaining clothes, arrange your books, hide away cleaning chemicals, and make sure there is no excess furniture in the way on busy pathways inside the apartment.

5. Time is your ally

People often think about home inspections as stressful and hectic. These don’t have to be your first associations because you have ample time to plan and prepare. Landlords have to schedule home inspections one week in advance, and that’s the shortest amount of time possible. Usually, it’s even more, but one week is more than enough for you to prepare. You will know the exact date of the inspection, so you can prepare for it, tidy up in advance and make every day count. Splitting your total cleaning plans into smaller segments will make the home inspection a breeze.

6. Check the electrics and plumbing

You don’t have to be a handyman to check this item off your list. A simple and level-headed inspection under the sink and around installations will tell you if you need to report the situation beforehand or call a repairman. Leaks, faulty installation, loose wires and blinking lights are clear signs that something is wrong and needs repair. You can work with your landlord to fix these or call a repair man yourself. Anything you repair and restore to its former glory buys you good credit and karma, so it’s worth your time.

Taking time to make your living accommodations well-kept, functional and clean does wonders for your mental health. It’s also a sound investment and a legal obligation. By doing all of the chores you accomplish multiple tasks. Treating home inspections as your crowning moment will make them that much better and easier.

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