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How to Choose Budget-Friendly Beauty Services at Home

Everybody in Dubai has ordered home salon services at least once. Especially since the global pandemic struck, we have all gotten much lazier about our appearance and hygiene. This is reflected by the number of beauty and salon options that are now offering services in the comfort of our homes.  

Although this means customers are spoiled for choice, it also means that narrowing down to one option is now much harder. If you are struggling to make a decision, we are here to help! Here is a list of factors you can consider to help you choose a budget-friendly beauty service in Dubai. 

Find Out Their Service Charges

The first thing to take into account is the average cost of beauty services at home in Dubai. This will give you a general idea of what to expect from at-home service providers. Run a Google search raising this query and you will see a plethora of results, which you can browse and choose from. It is very important to see which service provider has better deals and packages and which offers services at a more reasonable price. 

Compare with Other Brands 

This will give you a very good idea about which brands offer value for money. By drawing a comparison between all the service providers that you have viewed – their packages, prices, and reviews – you can get a good idea as to which is a better deal than the rest.  

Talk to Your Family and Friends 

The most reliable source of information is reviews. However, even the ones on social media and official websites can be rigged or tweaked in favor of the service provider. For example, many brands remove negative comments. This is why, asking people around you, such as family, friends, and acquaintances, is your best bet. 

Your own circle of people knows you best, and can therefore advise you better than any online reviews, too. They are the only people who can give you advice perfectly suited to your needs. Sometimes, a service can be more expensive but can also offer better value for money, by having a higher quality standard. Maybe one service provider is superior to the other which is why it costs more, and it is your family and friends who can verify that. 

Check What Services They Offer 

This is the simplest bit of the selection process; checking if the service provider even offers what you require of them. There are numerous services that at-home salons traditionally provide. Some of them offer more services than others, but you can know that an at-home salon’s standards are up to the mark if they have the provision of the following services available:  

Hair Styling and Cutting 

A good at-home hair salon service provider should, first and foremost, cater to hair related needs of their customers. Whether it is hair styling, hair dyeing, or hair cutting, they should have it all. Most at-home salons do provide hair styling services, but what really sets a good one apart is how quick they are, how well prepared they are with supplies, and the variety of hair-dressing, cutting, and dyeing styles that they have to offer. 

Hair Removal 

Another very essential service that a home salon should offer is hair removal. This primarily includes threading and waxing. The general expectation is that a company should provide full body and facial waxing services. In addition to this, they should also offer threading for eyebrows, upper lips, and forehead. The customer should, themselves, be able to choose which kind of wax is used on them, as well as the kind of package they want to avail.  


Another service that must be part of a salon’s skillset is that of manicures and pedicures. Every salon can perform basic manicures and pedicures, what truly defines a salon’s expertise is if it offers various packages such as French tips, or gel nail packages.  


Especially for people who want to be pampered within their homes, massages are an ideal service to offer. The essential massage packages should include head massages, hand massages, back massages, deep tissue massages, and more.  


Another very important service that clients should be on the lookout for is makeup. Makeup packages should be diverse in price range as well as the services offered. Party makeup, bridal makeup, and basic makeup, all should be available as options. Moreover, customers should be able to choose if they want to avail the senior makeup artist or junior, in order to regulate their costs. 

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