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Adventurous activities to do in Dubai

Awaken your adventurous spirit in Dubai and get the best adrenaline boost of your life. This man-made marvel of a city is the face of the future. Since Dubai city is a global hub and an international hotspot for science, technology and innovation, the adventures this city offers are phenomenal. Dubai restores a perfect balance between its desert reserves and modern cityscapes. This has opened many opportunities to engage in adventurous activities in Dubai. 

There are man-made spaces like waterparks, amusement parks, theme parks and arcades on one hand while on the other there are outdoor adventures like quad biking in the desert, cycling, hiking, skydiving in Dubai and many more. Following are some of the best activities to do in Dubai for tourists of all ages. 


 HERO OdySEA is Dubai’s first ever self drive boat tour for tourists. Take your partner to Dubai Harbour and  enjoy one of the most thrilling activities in Dubai. Get a chance to witness beautiful Dubai and its dazzling cityscapes from a new angle. The boat ride offers breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, Jumeirah archipelago and majestic beachfront mansions and villas. A guide will tag along with you on this exciting 90 minute ride, educating you with some fascinating facts about Dubai. Behold Dubai through a new perspective. 

 Falcon Helitours (Helicopter ride)

 Glide like a falcon through Dubai’s Arabian skies and behold the wonderful sights of the city. The aerial views of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Palm Island, and Ain Dubai look spectacular. The ride ensures the utmost comfort of the guests and top notch safety. Pamper yourself with inlight services during the helicopter ride and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sparkling Dubai skyline. A must thing to do in Dubai that you should add to your itinerary. 

 A fun day at Mushrif Park

 A perfect getaway, full of fun activities to do in Dubai for kids. Mushrif Park offers thrilling outdoor adventures in Dubai. The park is wide in its area offering exciting activities like zip lining, rope climbing, Tarzan swings and many more. A must visit place for people belonging to every age group as the park has fun activities for everyone. Relive your childhood at Mushrif Park and enjoy the outdoor adventures in Dubai.

 Dashing Deserts

 Dubai’s endless thrilling red dunes are a haven for outdoor adventures. The desert offers an array of adventurous activities in Dubai like sand surfing, ATV,  quad biking, desert safaris, cycling and camel rides. The Arabian deserts of Al Marmoom, Lahbab, Al Khayma  are the best places to visit in Dubai for a blast with friends and family. 

 Edge Walk

The Sky Views Dubai offer some of the most thrilling and adrenaline boosting activities in Dubai. The tall Sky View hotel is where the fun begins. This man-made glass marvel of a hotel offers some of the best views of downtown Dubai and its bling skyline. One can choose to visit the observatory, Glass Slide or choose to  trek on the Edge Walk for the ultimate thrill. The Glass Slide is suitable for all ages as you get to ride from Level 53 to 52 in a transparent tunnel. Whereas, Edge walk offers you a trek along the tower’s surface where you can view the magnificent famous places in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, the superhighway Sheikh Zayed Road. 

For an extravagant experience in Dubai tour, there are yachts, boat rides and even cruises that are best to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai. The lavish yachts and boats offer top notch food, drinks and buzzing entertainment to its guests. Adventures in Dubai also tend to include bungee jumping, skydiving, dolphin tours etc. 

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