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Advantages Of Using Fire Shutters And How They Operate

Fire shutters, also known as metal roller shutters, secure a building’s exterior window and door openings. When a fire breaks out, these can be quickly rolled up and placed over each window and door to help keep the flames inside the building and prevent them from spreading to the surrounding area.

How do Fire Shutters work?

When installed, the fire shutters’ protruding metal case sits atop the doors or windows it safeguards. Roll them down over the opening, and they’ll secure in place. When shut, they create an impenetrable wall that flames can’t breach. Fire shutters are a unique form of fire protection because they don’t open until a fire exists, unlike other methods like firewalls. Therefore, normal operations are not disrupted by the installation of fire shutters.

There are two methods for opening fire shutters in the event of an emergency. Both stand-alone heat detection systems and systems connected to the property’s existing fire alarm system are available. Both methods are viable for shutters, and often both are used simultaneously.

The alarm triggers the shutters to either roll down through their own weight or be closed mechanically. The second choice provides a brief time frame for evacuees before the shutters close for good.

What happens if there’s no electricity?

Fire shutters, mercifully, can continue functioning even if the power goes out. This is thanks to backup mechanisms. Since fire shutters need to open at least once (even if the power goes out), a backup battery is a must. Another option is to use a hand crank system in conjunction with the motor drive. A hand crank can be used to open and close the shutters in the event of a power outage.

Exactly when do they get put in?

Putting up fire shutters is a foolproof way to safeguard any opening in a building, whether it be a wall, window, or door. However, it is best if fire shutters are not retrofitted after a building has been constructed, even though it’s possible to install them in already-existing structures. Overall, it’s still a good idea to think about having them installed, regardless of how old your house is.

Why is it advisable to install Fire Shutters?

Fire shutters serve a crucial purpose in a fire by separating different areas of the building. By stopping the fire from spreading from one section to another, fire shutters make the following possible:

  • Saving valuable time by extinguishing a fire until firefighters can arrive is a major benefit.
  • Once they arrive, firefighters have a few more minutes to get everyone out of the building because the fire won’t spread quickly.
  • Less damage will be done to buildings because flames will not be able to jump over the barriers.

Nobody should undervalue the benefits they offer to their homes or businesses. A building can be protected from fire for as long as four hours thanks to fire shutters, which would open quickly in the event of an emergency. In half that time, the average fire would be extinguished.

Does installing them mean sacrificing aesthetics?

If you prioritise safety, you can do so without sacrificing the look of your property. So, you can keep your house safe from flames without worrying about the shutters ruining its curb appeal. Different modern and creative designs are readily available.

Besides, the fire shutters can be concealed during installation. They will only become visible when needed. These blinds will be rolled up, not obstructing your layout, but they will be quickly lowered only when a fire breaks out.

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