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A Guide to Writing Discussion Section of Your Dissertation!

The discussion section of your dissertation plays a crucial role because it is an indication of your key results. It is a section that most professors read by heart as it contains details of your findings. There are times when you get confused about how to structure and frame it. It requires keen knowledge and intelligent work to understand the meaning and importance of your results. Pondering or imagining a way to make your work easy? Here is a solution-seeking UK dissertation writing that can be the best solution. Nevertheless, if you desire to understand the hierarchy and chronology of the discussion section, the upcoming section will guide you there.

Step-by-Step Guide to Write Discussion Section 

Here is detailed advice on how to write your dissertation seamlessly to maintain connectedness and helps you determine the reader’s attention. 

Summarise Your Results 

You might get confused between the results and discussion sections and find both to be similar. But it is not true; there is a difference between them in writing a dissertation. The results section focuses on explaining your significant results in detail. On the other hand, the discussion section starts with research problems and queries and gradually talks about principal findings in a summarized manner. One point to note here is that the discussion section is never too long; it is short and not longer than one paragraph. For the best results, never blend the elements of the results and discussion sections; they will look similar, and a professor will not spot any difference between them.  

Tell the Significance

After successfully jotting down your key results and finding it vital to highlight their importance. Your opinion and viewpoint might be correct, but what about others?

You have to explain the significance of each finding and what the reasons are for its credibility and authenticity. Interpret the information by drawing patterns and correlations in the data used. You must also have framed a hypothesis; there needs to be an answer as to whether the assumption taken proved the reliability of the result. Gradually move forward and explain how your findings are distinguishable from previous research and provide significant growth in your study. Create a sense of amazement by letting them know the unexpected results and their significance in the present world.  

Discuss Its Contribution 

Now that you have discussed the significance of the evident results, it is time to explain why your research matters. 

What is the scope of your findings?

Whether it supports existing theories or challenges them

If it supports it, what is the new information you contributed that added uniqueness to it? On the other hand, if it challenges your theory, what are the factors that indicate it is more evident and credible? Also, you need to build your image by letting the audience know the practical implications of your work. It will clarify things and let people understand your concept and its application in a better manner. Your aim should be to acknowledge your information in a way that sounds valid to them and explain why they should consider your efforts. 

List the Limitations 

No work or discovery cannot contain errors or mistakes. Listing your limitations won’t make your dissertation look degraded. Either explain the points stating the root cause, such as research design and methodological choice. You have to state how such factors had an impact on the direct goals. Say, for example, that your sample size was limited, and you stated the result based on a specific group. There can be a possibility of error or a margin of error. In such a case, if you reveal the reasons, it can make your dissertation look trustworthy. 

Share Your Opinion 

As every dissertation has some limitations, it is obvious to take a step on it. You can state or give ideas on how future work on it can break those limitations and give possible results. Letting your professors know your strategies, ideas, and solutions will build your image in front of them. Guidance alternatives show your command of the topic and how much depth you have researched.

So these are some pointers you should consider as you frame your discussion section. Implementing them can be burdensome because you should be cautious with every step you take. What steps to take in such a situation?

Is there any alternative?

Yes, UK dissertation writing can be the best solution. The experts have years of experience and keen knowledge to curate a discussion section. They guide you in every aspect and direct you on how to make it flawless and intriguing. Never take a risk with your academic tasks because they define your success. Give or handle the responsibility to sincere, disciplined, and creative personnel who adhere to university guidelines and norms.

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