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5 Reasons Why Voice-Overs Are Crucial for Online Video Content

The only way to grow a brand or business is to send the right message to the right audience. Sure, blog content is great for that, and so are posts on social media. However, online video content consumption is increasing every day and is fast becoming one of the best ways to market your business. But are you using voice-overs from professional online voice-over agencies like Continue reading to discover the benefits of using voice-over in your online content.

Get the Attention of the Audience

The first reason voice-overs are crucial for online content is that they allow you to get the audience’s attention more easily. What good is online content, such as advertising, for example, if the audience doesn’t even pay attention to it? As it turns out, people don’t like reading very much. Voice-overs make your online content fun to listen to, improving watch-through rates and conversions since the audience will be drawn in quicker and with less effort.

Improve Brand Personality

A critical reason your content needs to include voice-overs is that it helps improve your brand personality. It’s important to remember that as a business or brand, you are not just selling products, you are selling a lifestyle, and Times New Roman or Comic Sans titling can’t help you do that. Having a voice-over artist be your brand’s voice will get more people to associate with it. This voice will also become recognizable to your audience and create a sense of familiarity.

Improved ROI

If you are creating online video content but are not using voice-overs, chances are your content could be more engaging. A return on your investment will usually only be made if someone makes it to the end of the content, which is far more likely when the video includes sound. In other words, video content without voice-overs is less effective in making an impression. Sure, voice-over services require some budget, but they will end up paying for themselves by increasing the success of your campaign.

Improve Storytelling

One of the most basic rules of content marketing is that you must tell your audience a story in which they are most likely the main character. Why? Because people are familiar with stories, it helps for information retention, and if they feel like the main character, it improves brand association. As such, a voice-over artist will help to bridge that gap, especially if the artist represents your buyer’s persona. 

People Don’t Like to Read

Of all the reasons why voice-overs improve your content, the simple fact is that people don’t like to read. More importantly, did you know that the average person is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day? Do you really think people are reading each ad or that they want to? By including voice-overs in your online content, you are reducing the amount of work the viewer needs to do.

As you can see, adding voice-overs to your content helps to improve brand personality, improves storytelling, grabs the viewer’s attention, and reduces the amount of work the viewer has to do. Over and above this, voice-overs also help to make your brand seem more credible, which goes a long way in helping to establish your brand as an authority and setting up an identity through sonic branding.

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