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5 Healthy Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

Do you ever just look at people’s teeth and wonder how come their teeth look so clean? Well, keeping your teeth clean can be a hell of a job. It takes a lifetime and a lot of effort to keep them healthy. Read more about Take Care of Your Teeth below.

You just need the right oral care products that can help you take care of your dental hygiene. It is not always the expensive stuff that works. Following a routine can also make a huge difference. 

 So. there are some easy steps that you need to follow. The best dentist in Lahore says that a little change in your daily routine can alone show a drastic change in your dental health. Let’s dig in deep and understand how we can make our teeth look shiny and healthy.

1- Brush Properly

The way a person brushes their teeth matters a lot. It is said that if a person doesn’t brush his teeth properly, it is equal to not brushing his teeth properly. This is why it is always suggested that you must use the toothbrush gently but it is at the same time said to clean the teeth properly as well. 

The best way to use the brush is by making use of circular motions. This helps a lot in removing the plaque from the teeth. When we dont brush the teeth properly the plaque is left on the teeth and gets hard. This can lead to calculus build-up and gum disease. 

2- Use Floride Toothpaste

When it comes to using toothpaste, it is very important to not focus on the flavor and the whitening power. No matter what you choose, just make sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride. 

 A lot of experts have some issues with the use of fluoride and say that it is the root cause of a number of issues. However, it works the best as far as oral hygiene is concerned. 

Flouride works great when it comes to the prevention of tooth decay. Flouride works by fighting all the germs that can cause decay in the teeth. It also provides the needed protective barrier to the teeth.

So, make sure that you buy fluoride toothpaste next time you go grocery shopping as it can leave a great impact on your teeth. 

3- Use Mouthwash

We all have seen a number of commercials for mouthwash on television but a lot of us do think that they are useless. Well,  a number of research pieces suggest that using mouthwash can help you in several ways. It reduces the acid present in the mouth. It also cleanses the areas where the brush cannot reach. And lastly, it remineralizes the teeth. 

For children and for older people, it is not always easy to just floss, so using mouthwash instead can help a lot. So, try and incorporate mouthwash in your oral hygiene routine, so that you get the proper oral care that you need.

4- Floss the Teeth

A lot of us think that just cleaning the teeth by using a brush is enough, however, it is not what is needed alone. To keep the teeth healthy and clean, it is important to floss just like you brush. 

Flossing can help in reducing the plaque from the teeth, stimulate the gums, and lowers the chances of inflammation of the gums. 

It is suggested that flossing one day at a time can help a lot. Dont wait now, go and buy yourself a flossing kit that can help you keep your teeth healthy and germ-free.

5- Dont forget the tongue

Just like you clean your teeth and your gums, it is very essential that you keep your tongue clean. Now, you must be wondering whether to use a toothbrush on the tongue or clean it with your fingers. So, let me make it easy for you, there are a number of tongue scrapers available in the market that one can use.

Also, there is a huge variety of toothbrushes in the market that have a tongue scraper attached to them. So, try and get those, and do not forget to keep your tongue clean just like you keep your teeth clean. 

If you do not own a scraper, then use your toothbrush over your tongue gently to keep it clean. 


Oral hygiene is equally important as the overall hygiene of the body. To keep your teeth clean, it is essential to follow the basic rules of cleaning teeth. Make sure to add small steps to your oral hygiene routine as they make a huge impact on the health of your teeth. If the health of your teeth is pretty bad where your gums bleed and your teeth hurt, you should give your dentist a visit. So, consider taking care of your oral hygiene now.

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