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What causes people to shave their heads after Umrah?

We are aware that every Muslim wants to perform Umrah because it is a religious duty. This spiritual trip contains various essential rituals. Each ritual has an important and spiritual purpose. One of the requirements of the holy journey to Mecca is shaving the head normally called Halq. For further details, look at this article’s comprehensive description: “What causes people to shave their heads after Umrah?” With the help of this description, you will acquire the right response to this question.

Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca for religious purposes, where pilgrims perform many rituals inside Masjid al-Haram. You can perform Umrah by booking Umrah packages. The primary objective of this pilgrimage is to atone for severe misdeeds and seek remission and blessings from God.

Shaving the head after Umrah demonstrates the renunciation of material possessions and obedience to Allah (SWT). Furthermore, it is an obligatory act of pilgrimage.

What is Halq?

After completing the Umrah, Halq is the act of shaving the head. Only men have to fulfil this obligatory duty. Pilgrims must perform this ritual to exit the state of Ihram.

Why do people perform Halq after Umrah?

The shaving of the head (frequently known as Halq) after Umrah symbolizes both a spiritual and physical rebirth. A person aims to disconnect himself from the temporary attractions of the world when performing this spiritual ceremony. Additionally, he intends to follow God’s order and the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Sunnah for the rest of his life.

Shaving the head after Umrah

Many pilgrims cut their hair after Umrah instead of shaving their heads. Although this action is permissible, it’s preferable to perform Halq. Numerous verses of the Holy Quran highlight the significance of this necessary action.

According to Islamic history, the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) accomplished his Umrah with his companions. Some of His followers cut their hair, while others shave their heads. Before praying for both, the Prophet (PBUH) prayed three times for those who shaved. And He only mentioned the others for the last 4th time. This demonstrates that shaving one’s head has far greater benefits.

After shaving the head, your Umrah will be completed. After that, you can visit Ziyarat and many historical places by using your Umrah packages 2023.

Umrah haircut – Importance

According to Umrah rules and regulations, pilgrims must carry out either Halq or Taqsir to remove Ihram garments. To exit the holy state of Ihram, a lady must trim her hair to the length of her fingertip. Numerous narrations emphasize the significance of Umrah haircut rites, and Islamic jurists agree with these narrations. The importance of this action arises from the fact that one’s head hair has associations with beauty and vanity. An individual must disconnect from it and embark on a path of spirituality and simplicity to complete submission to God.


In conclusion, Umrah is also known as a minor pilgrimage. Both men and women must perform Halq or Taqsir. This ritual should be done after the completion of all ceremonies on a spiritual trip to Mecca. Shaving one’s head symbolizes the renunciation of worldly belongings to Allah Almighty. Pilgrims must sacrifice a sheep and give its meat to the needy if they don’t fulfil this religious duty.

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