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Tips to Fix a Frozen Phone – By Tallahassee’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

It might be frustrating when your cell phone breaks down. It is challenging to go a day without these devices because our cell phones have evolved into that handy little pocket devices that can manage many things, like work and entertainment. Do not worry if your phone freezes or becomes sluggish and unresponsive while using it. In this blog, with the help of Tallahassee‘s cell phone repair stores, we have compiled a list of solutions for reactivating a frozen/stuck phone. Try them one at a time to get your phone back on track.

Let’s get started!

Tips to Fix a Frozen Phone – By Experts From Tallahassees Cell Phone Repair Stores

If your cell phone gets stuck when you’re using it, you are at the right place! Keep reading to find out what you can do in this situation.

Force Restart

When your Android phone is stuck on the startup screen, the very first thing you need to do is reboot or restart it. Pressing certain cell phone combination keys is required to do that.

Hold the Power button on your smartphone for 30 seconds, then release it when the screen turns off to do a force restart. Keep it for a few seconds. Restart the device immediately to see if it powers on normally.

Take Out the Battery (if possible)

If your cell phone has a removable battery and its power button isn’t working, you may start by removing its battery to turn the device off. After taking the battery out, you need to wait for 10 seconds. After that, put the battery in and turn the phone on.

Charge it

A low battery may potentially be the cause of your smartphone not moving past the startup screen. To check if it resolves the problem, you could try plugging your smartphone into a power socket and doing the previously indicated force reboot. 

Use Safe Mode

When your Android smartphone behaves strangely, Safe Mode is a helpful tool to diagnose the issue. This mode can also be used to resolve the Android phone’s boot-stuck issue. 

Remove Cache Data

As we continue using Android smartphones daily, various cache data are collected. Additionally, even though this data is meant to make electronics run more quickly, it can occasionally become corrupted. So, if uninstalling applications doesn’t work, you might try clearing your device’s cache.

Relax; there is no risk involved in removing cached data because there is no data loss.

Deactivate Unused  Apps

This is another effective solution for fixing a stuck phone if the issue still exists after updating your phone. Repair experts from Tallahassee‘s cell phone repair stores suggest you close/force stop or uninstall all the applications you’re not using.

In particular, if you have a budget phone, it could freeze if you have too many applications and background processes active. But, simply dismissing those applications, you can get your phone working again.

Uninstall Apps You Don’t Need

You could also help your smartphone unfreeze by removing infrequently used applications in addition to closing any running apps. Many of the applications we download for our smartphones become unnecessary once we use them for the first time. The efficiency of your cell phone, particularly mid-range or inexpensive phones, may be slowed down by having too many applications installed.

Experts advise you to delete all of the unused apps. Doing this will free up storage on your phone to make room for the required processes.  

Perform a Factory Reset

You might only have two choices left if your smartphone is still frozen even after restarting into safe mode: reset your phone or get professional help from Tallahassee‘s cell phone repair stores.

Resetting your smartphone can usually help your smartphone work again.  All of your data, containing files, applications, games, pictures, videos, and everything else, will be lost. Make sure you create multiple backups on cloud-storage services or locally, before resetting your cell phone.

Visit Your Nearest Smartphone Repair Store in Tallahassee

Are you in Tallahassee or nearby? Do you have a frozen/stuck phone? If so, what are you waiting for? Take it to a locally renowned cell phone repair store in Tallahassee like Campus Phone Repair. Their highly qualified and skilled repair technicians will ensure that all your smartphone problems are fixed in no time!


How much does it cost to fix a phone?

A basic fix should cost around $49. However, a more difficult one can cost $100 or more. To get your phone back more quickly, fast delivery services may lead to significant price hikes.

Can the smartphone repair store steal my data?

No. They do not need to.  But remember that to check if the issue has been fixed; they may have to unlock the smartphone. They still require your permission to do this, though. Moreover, if you have already performed a factory reset, there’s no need for fear.

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