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The Advantages of a Full-Service Moving Company

During your move, storage services may be useful for a variety of reasons. To tidy your property before listing it for sale, for instance, you can store items in a facility. Or you could need to move somewhere temporarily if your new house is still under construction. In this situation, storing some objects in a unit will keep them secure and guard against damage.


Full-service storage, which offers comprehensive support, is a service offered by reputable moving firms. Your items are first carefully packed by furniture removalists Castle Hill before being picked up and taken to a storage facility. When you need your furniture or equipment returned, you may book a delivery to have it picked up and transported to the specified place. The company will then take care of your household or office items while they are in their storage facility.

All you need to do is make an appointment to arrange for a pick-up by your preferred provider after your boxes are prepared and all of your other items are set to leave. As soon as they get on-site, companies typically take pictures and make an inventory of the items and boxes they brought. You can log in to your account and check the inventory list after you’ve reached a computer to view the pictures and see what you’ve truly saved.

After everything is said and done, your belongings will be kept in the company’s warehouse, which may be a few miles or a city over, depending on where you selected. Remember that this will determine how long it will take for your order to arrive.


Self-storage facilities are familiar to you if you’ve ever been on a highway and seen rows upon rows of painted garage doors. This kind of storage facility is referred to as having “drive-up access” because you can park right next to it and load your belongings out of the car.

Unbelievably, when the idea of storage space units first emerged, there were only self-storage facilities available. However, as the market developed, businesses started to understand that climate-controlled, weather-proof storage facilities were a much superior option for customers. As a result, they started to construct self-storage facilities with both indoor storage units and the previously stated drive-up form.

Benefits of full-service storage moving company

  • Convenience: Since the moving company handles everything for you, full-service storage is a practical all-in-one solution for time-pressed homeowners or business owners. This also gives you more time to concentrate on other important tasks, including coordinating the sale of your property or getting ready to move into your new home.
  • Listed Inventory: Your Last Minute Removals do an inventory, note it down, and mark each item for quick identification when you choose full-service storage. To help you keep track of what you kept in their unit, removalists Hornsby also give you an inventory list that includes the state of each item.
  • Improved Safety: Full-service storage facilities typically have a security crew watching over the property and cameras running around the clock to protect your valuables. To prevent fires and other unwelcome incidents, flammable and dangerous materials are also not permitted inside the storage units.

Benefits of Self-storage

  • Quick access: The ability to quickly retrieve their stuff at any time is a huge perk for those who opt for self-storage. When summer time arrives, a person who opts for self-storage will be able to readily access a closet full of summer clothes. The self-storage option makes it simple to easily store and collect seasonal items. Self-storage makes it possible to visit the unit frequently.
  • Temperature controlled: Some self-storage facilities offer climate control, which makes it convenient to store valuables there. A room with a consistent temperature is better for heirlooms, vintage furniture, paintings, and wine. Certain household objects shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat, like temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or freezing conditions, like those below 32 degrees. Your possessions are also susceptible to rust, corrosion, mould, and mildew when exposed to high humidity levels. An air-conditioned storage unit will cost more than a standard one.
  • Avoid long contracts: Self-storage doesn’t involve any complicated contracts. If necessary, people who choose self-storage can keep their belongings there for just a week. Self-storage is a good choice for people who are unsure of how long they will need storage.
  • Contracts: Self-storage unit rental agreements do exist, though. The leases clearly state the amount of rent due, the penalties for late payments, and any other fees, such as lock-cut costs if you misplace your keys. If you don’t pay the rent, the self-storage facility manager may sell your belongings at auction. The move-out procedure is frequently outlined in the agreement as well when you remove your possessions from self-storage. Get a free quote today.
  • There are restrictions: The types of objects that can be kept in self-storage units are restricted. You can store household items. Garbage, flammable substances, and explosive objects are not allowed. The range might be wide when assessing self-storage units. Some facilities are safer than others. Make the best decision by taking your demands into account.

Both self-storage facilities and full-service facilities have their advantages, but the best option ultimately relies on your needs. Full-service storage can be a better choice, though, if you need storage for relocation and intend to store furniture and costly items. The short-term storage of small home objects is typically more suited for self-storage, on the other hand.

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