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Order Food from the Best E Caterering Food in Train App

Looking for a good quality meal on the train service but need help deciding which one to select? With RailRestro’s IRCTC order food in train service, you won’t have to worry about that. It is the Best Train Food App to get Food in Train that lets you savour some tasty treats with a click of a finger.

Read on to learn about the best meal-on-wheels services in this article.

What Sets RailRestro Apart from Competitors

In the past few years, train e-catering has grown and innovated. Many passengers choose RailRestro, a specialised e-catering company, to the more ubiquitous Swiggy and Zomato, two companies that distribute meals via train. If you’re hungry or thirsty on the train, place an order with this online caterer and they’ll bring it to your compartment.

Here are some of how RailRestro’s online catering service excels beyond that of its rivals:

  • ISO and FSSAI Certification.
  • Wide variety of drinks and snacks available.
  • Safe, tamper-proof packaging for food and Hygienic cooking methods.
  • The process of placing an order for meals is simple.
  • On-time food delivery.
  • Huge savings on food
  • Instantaneous responses to customer service inquiries.
  • A reasonably priced menu is available.
  • There is no extra charge for using the service to have food delivered.
  • Honest, open assistance.
  • Helping 450+ Indian Radio Stations.
  • Affiliated with more than 2,000 Indian eateries nationwide.
  • Online meals for over 7,000 trains.
  • More than 50 million meals have been delivered.

What Is RailRestro’s E-catering Mechanism?

RailRestro is an app and website that delivers meals while you’re on the train. Any traveller with a confirmed PNR can pre-order a meal from this IRCTC order Food in Train platform

  1. You can request Food in the train by entering your PNR number, train name, or train number on the website.
  2. After the initial checks have been made, the back-end system confirms and triple-checks the passenger data.
  3. For the meal order, you have to select a restaurant, and then enter your order.
  4. The restaurant will send you a confirmation email if your order is accepted.
  5. When a customer orders over the phone, the restaurant calls to ensure everything is correct.
  6. Your food will be safely prepared and packaged so you can enjoy it without worry.
  7. Your meal will be shipped to your coach by a service representative.

A Guide to Food Ordering from RailRestro to get Food Delivery In Train

One of the most popular features of Indian Railways is the ability to order food online. E-catering services enable passengers to order food and snacks in advance or via mobile devices while in transit. Getting nutritious food on the fly has never been easier than with RailRestro.

Book using the website:

  1. The PNR, departure date and train name/number are required.
  2. Identify the location you’d like your package sent to.
  3. Put the dishes, drinks, and desserts you enjoy most from the extensive menu in your shopping cart.
  4. You can save money on the train’s food by using coupons from RailRestro.
  5. Net Banking, Card, UPI, Wallet, and Cash on Delivery are some available payment methods.
  6. The vendor will confirm your order through text message, and the delivery boy will call you shortly after.
  7. Finally you get your food hot, spotless, and fresh.

Place an order from the app:

  1. At First, download RailRestro from the Google Play Store.
  2. Submit the train name, number, and PNR number, along with the desired departure date.
  3. Pick a convenient location for delivery.
  4. Make your choice from a number of excellent eateries, each offering a different take on your preferred cuisine.
  5. Payment options for contactless delivery include cash on delivery and a wide variety of fast online payment alternatives.
  6. You can see when your food is going to arrive via the app.
  7. With RailRestro, you can place your order and have it brought right to your coach.

Call to book an order:

  1. To place an order, please get in touch with RailRestro at 8102202203.
  2. After receiving confirmation, you may monitor the status or contact RailRestro with any questions.
  3. Once the online caterer receives permission, they will send the meal to your train car.
  4. When the delivery boy brings the food, you can pay him.

It’s not so easy to pack food on a train trip. It’s not a smart idea to bring food home on the train because perishables spoil quickly in improper containers. Furthermore, it could be detrimental to your physical health.

The time and effort you save by using the IRCTC order food train services like RailRestro rather than carrying your own is well worth the small fee. This fantastic food app allows you to pre-order pizza on train, Group Food Order in train etc., at affordable costs. Additionally, get your meal to your seat at the station of your liking from RailRestro. So, get your hands on this smart train food delivery app now!.

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