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King Von Died at Age 26 in Chicago, Illinois

King von was a young, charismatic individual with an attractive figure and charismatic personality. His strong and impressive body had impressive measurements that correspond to a rhomboid muscular build; his eyes also dazzled the audience.

He began rapping in 2018 and collaborated with Lil Durk, who signed him to his OTF entertainment label. His single “Crazy Story” became an instant classic.

He was born in Chicago

King von autopsy was raised on Chicago’s South Side, known as O’Block, an area known for its dangerous streets and areas known for gun violence. He became friends with rappers Lil Durk and G Herbo as well as having run-ins with law; King Von was also active in philanthropy work by covering funeral costs of friends killed due to gun violence.

He stood out in the drill scene by rapping to haunting piano beats, creating a sound all his own and distinguishing him from artists imitating Chief Keef and G Herbo’s styles. Additionally, his dark lyrics added another layer to his appeal and set him apart.

He lost both parents to death when he was 11 and saw both mothers incarcerated regularly, leaving him an only child with six half-siblings from each father and three from each mother, and five half-siblings total. Though unmarried at this time, he maintained strong bonds with rapper Asian Doll and Shaeniya Robinson as close companions. In 2018, he signed to Durk’s Only the Family record label before debuting Grandson Vol 1 as his debut mixtape release with Lil Durk appearing as well as Booka600’s visceral storytelling abilities.

He was incarcerated

Dayvon Bennett, more popularly known by his stage name King Von, spent much of his adult life behind bars. He was involved in at least 10 murders and played an active role in Chicago gang wars before signing with Lil Durk’s Only the Family imprint and becoming famous.

After Von’s death, YouTuber Trap Lore Ross released a four-hour documentary alleging he was responsible for multiple gang-related murders.

Though allegations were leveled against Von, his peers quickly cleared up any confusion surrounding him. Fellow Chicago rapper No Limit Kyro suggested that Von’s video clip wasn’t indicative of his sexual orientation but rather used as leverage within jail to get relocated – OTF member THF Zoo posted an Instagram clip to support this theory which was reposted by DJ Akademiks. Tragically, Von was fatally shot and killed on November 6, 2020 outside an Atlanta hookah lounge following an altercation with Quando Rondo’s crew; Timothy Leeks was later charged with his murder – both men being 22.

He was murdered

King Von (Dayvon Bennett), known for his Chicago drill music style and signed to Lil Durk’s OTF or Only the Family Entertainment label as an emerging talent was deeply felt across hip-hop. Known for his narrative storytelling skills and darkly humorous yet compassionate tone – his death left an indelible mark.

He was killed during a gunbattle between two groups of men outside of Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta, according to police. Police claim it started when those associated with Quando Rondo, a rapper, confronted those associated with King Von, one of whom reportedly had died earlier that evening.

At one point during the dispute, two police officers attempted to intervene with additional rounds of gunfire from both parties involved and attempted to disperse it through forceful use of firearms from both sides. Three people died during this shooting incident including Bennett. Timothy Leeks has since been arrested and charged with murder as well as possessing marijuana and firearms associated with this shooting incident. YouTube documentary filmmaker Trap Lore Ross released “King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer,” but quickly pulled it after it generated outrage among fans, friends, and relatives of Bennett who remembered their late rapper as someone infamous.

He was a rapper

King Von was a rapper with an arresting delivery and striking sense of realism, who could also weave captivating stories that put you right there with him. Overcoming numerous hardships in life to give back to his O’Block community was key for King Von’s success as an artist.

He was an up-and-comer in the rap scene and signed to Lil Durk’s Only the Family label, where his breakout single was “Crazy Story”. Soon thereafter he planned on releasing his debut album Welcome to O Block. Trap Lore Ross has released several videos covering street beefs and deadly rivalries within hip-hop culture, including one titled Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer.” However, YouTube pulled down this video following criticism from Von’s family and friends who believe he never faced murder charges and should instead be remembered for his legacy.

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