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How to Use SEO Services in 9 Simple Steps?

Online business has taken over the world, and if you don’t have a strong online presence for your brand, then people will never find you. You’ll lose everything to your competitors if you don’t have a proper SEO strategy. 

Once you create a website, the search engine bots search your website to understand the information contained in it and then index it accordingly in the search engine result pages. This is where SEO plays a major role in making your site better for the rankings. 

You’ll never want your website to index on the second, third or fourth page, as people never visit those pages, and so you lose your potential customers.

To be at the top of the search results, here are some tips suggested by the digital marketing agency in Mumbai to effectively use SEO services.

  1. Keyword research:

Keywords are the most improved factor, as people will search for only those keywords in the search engine. A keyword indicates the main topic of your content, and that’s why you should make proper research before aligning your keywords with the search intent of your target audience. 

Give special emphasis to shorter keywords as it has higher search volume as compared to long tail keywords.

  • Place keywords throughout the page:

After selecting the relevant keywords, sort similar keywords in groups and then place those keywords throughout the page. Make sure that the keywords should be relevant to the contents of the page. 

Basically, the keywords should be located in the introduction, the URLs, and the first and the last paragraphs and should be a tag in the images as well. However, make sure that you don’t stuff too many keywords on the page.

  • Use SEO in permalink:

A permalink is the URL of your website, and it describes the overall structure of your website. When you keep updating your website with new links, it will gradually increase the credibility of your website. This, in turn, will generate traffic and build links.

  • Hyperlink your existing content:

If the post you’re currently writing is related to other posts, link it so that people can get easy access. This will enhance the user experience and help people to navigate through other pages on your site.

  • Optimize your title tag:

The title tag gives the users a preview of what to expect on the page. Stick to a 60-character limit along with a core keyword to keep your title tag attractive and informative. The digital marketing company in Chennai always makes sure to be clear and concise in your title tag.

  • Optimize your URLs:

URLs are an essential part, as they provide the search engines and the users with the context of your page. The URL should be detailed to give the users a clear idea of the page’s contents. The URL should also have a core keyword and be clear and concise.

  • Optimize your images:

The images of a page are very important from a readability perspective. They help to visualize the content and make it understandable to the users. Images are a great way to keep people engaged in your website, so make sure to optimize your images correctly.

  • Page speed:

Page speed is highly important for website ranking, as a fast-loading website ensures ideal user engagement. People never prefer to stay on a page with a delayed loading speed, so ensure your page has adequate speed.

  • Mobile friendly:

As people increasingly use their smartphones to access the internet, it is mandatory to make your website optimized for mobile. It will surely get you more user engagement and organic website traffic.

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