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Reason to celebrate a birthday

You may have faced this question many times in your life, and the facing of this question happens in your life, because of two reasons. The reason that you face this question the first can be, that somebody may have asked you what the reason to celebrate the birthday is. The second reason can be that this question may occur in your mind. There is nothing wrong if this question occurs in your mind because this question occurs in many people’s minds. But as the people didn’t get the proper answer, people just try to forget about this question. But you don’t need to forget about this question, because you are going to get to know the answer to this question. You don’t need to do anything about it, you just stay with us and read the answer to this question. Because after knowing about the reason, the way of celebrating your birthday is going to change. You are going to celebrate your birthday in a new way, with a fresh meaning for celebrating the birthday. 

Birth is a beginning

If you or anybody has taken birth in this world, then the birth of yours is not only without any reason. But God has given birth to everybody for a reason, and by celebrating your birthday by yourself, you try to identify the reason because of that, the god has given you the birth. You may have gotten many birthday gifts in your life, and all that for the beginning of your life.  So the birth is a beginning, and to celebrate this beginning people celebrate their birthday every year. So this is also the reason behind celebrating the birthday. 

Celebrating is an expression of thanks 

You may know about this thing or you feel about this thing as well, that the life which you are living, that life has been given by God to you. So on the birthday of yours what you do for God, you celebrate the birthday of yours to say thank you to God as well. Because God has not only given you life, but God has made your life better with the blessing of itself also. You thank God not only for giving you the life to live but also for making you live one more year on this earth as well. So celebrating your birthday is an expression of thanks to God also. So this is one of the reasons also, because of that you or anyone celebrates the birthday. 

Rebirth yourself 

You don’t only get birth one time, but you get birth every time in your life, but the change in the first birth and other birth is only that. You need to make a new beginning for yourself by taking the new beginning from yourself. If someone is giving you a birthday flower bouquet, then that person is congratulating you on the new beginning of your life. So you celebrate your birthday for this thing also, that you are going to restart or rebirth yourself on this birthday. So the rebirth of yourself is also a reason behind celebrating your birthday. 

Bond with people 

You may have lost touch with some people in your life, that not only mean a lot to you, but that play a very important role in your life also to make it happy and filled with love. So by celebrating your birthday, what do you do?. You can create a love bond with the people, not only with the new one but with the old people also, with whom you have lost touch. Because you may also know or feel that it is never going to be easy to live life alone in this world. You need the people in your life with whom you can share everything in your life, no matter whether it is happiness or sadness, that doesn’t matter. So for creating a bond with the people, this is a reason also because of that people celebrate the birthday. 

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So you have seen the reason, which is behind the reason to celebrate a birthday. You have to get to know about the reason, and this is not only going to help you, but now you can help those people also, who want to know about the reason for celebrating their birthday. So not only your life or birthday, but you are going to change a few people’s lives as well. So just see this reason behind celebrating the birthday, and after seeing it celebrate your birthday in a new way. Because your birthday is never going to be the same as it was before.

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