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Frequent Issues with Septic Systems

It’s no secret that septic systems can be a bit tricky and frustrating to live with at times. And we know first-hand that when septic tank problems strike, you want to get them fixed fast. Whether you’re new to septic care and maintenance; or noticing some septic system problems you haven’t encountered before – rest assured. At septic system walton county fl has experience carrying out septic tank emptying. Preventive measures are preferable to curative measures in most cases. Several septic system issues may be avoided with septic canyon lake tx. In this guide, we’ll run through the main issues that might “come to a head” at your place, and tackle the solutions you need to restore your septic system to full working order:

Ground Motion

The slightest prod might have a significant effect. Any variation in the movement of the earth can put a great deal of strain on your septic tank. This may result in cracks or even fractures in your septic tank’s walls. Greater issues with septic tanks may develop if this takes place. There’s a chance the septic tank will back up and require more frequent emptying. This may affect your present emptying timetable and increase your expenses. The proper separation of liquid from solid waste in your tank will be compromised if groundwater manages to pass through these openings. In the end, it could be necessary to replace your septic tank.

A Collapsed Baffle

A collapsed baffle prevents lumpy material from escaping into the septic tank soakaway system. If this baffle collapses, solid material (effluent) could enter your soakaway system and cause blockage, which could result in all of the wastewater backing up into your house. This is not a medical condition. Rather, it is a very serious septic tank issue.

Damaged Dip Pipe

Whether your septic tank contains a baffle, dip pipes, or both depends on what kind of tank it is. Dip pips serve the same purpose as the baffle we discussed before. It guarantees that the soakaway system receives the right kind of waste. Just in case you forgot, nothing clumpy. The dip pipe is occasionally discovered cooling near the tank’s base when doing inspections. It’s not intended to be eerie.

There are several possible causes for this, but most frequently it was knocked off while emptying. This occurs when debris enters the soakaway system of the septic tank and, yes, it might return to your home.

The Pressure of the Hydro-static

Although it is extremely uncommon, this can occur. When the water volume beneath the tank is so great that it causes the tank to “pop out of the ground,” hydrostatic pressure develops. If this occurs, it’s a very dangerous issue that requires prompt attention from qualified experts. It’s an old tank you have. Unbelievably, some tanks have a long history. These could change significantly with new models. For instance, they would not have had dip pipes and frequently had a single chamber construction rather than two.


Taking care of your septic system is the simplest approach to prevent these problems with your septic tank. This entails abstaining from flushing items like wet wipes and toilet paper and maintaining a regular maintenance plan, which includes having your tank pumped regularly.

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