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Astrological and Vastu remedies for good health 

Meta Description: Health is the greatest of wealth, which is true in every sense. Without health, there is nothing in life. Without good health, one is not capable of enjoying life, achieving goals and dreams or doing anything else. 

Introduction: Good health is crucial for every being. There are many ways to keep your health in check, including regular exercise, a balanced and nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. However, if you have struggled with health issues or fall sick very often, you should try astrological or Vastu remedies for good health. Whatever works for you., suggest an astrologer online

According to astrology, every health problem is linked with a planet in the birth chart. It may be possible that the planet is located in the wrong position or is negatively affected by some other planet. Each planet is responsible for health issues in different parts of the body. For millions of years, a lot of importance has been given to Vedic remedies for good health in Indian astrology and Vastu. 

Health issues and astrological remedies 

  • Weak Sun: The Sun is believed to play an essential part in everyone’s life. It is the primary source of energy on Earth. The favourable positioning of the Sun in one’s natal chart may have many positive effects. In the case of the weak Sun, there may be health issues related to the eyes, heart, liver, head, skin, neurological problems etc. 


            – Ensure to consume a glass of water with water before starting anything new, be     it studies or career.

              Regularly feed cows with wheat and jaggery. 

              Chant the Gayatri Mantra to please the Sun. It is believed to have a positive effect on improving the condition of the Sun in one’s horoscope. 

              If Sun is weak, wearing Ruby is also considered an excellent antidote. 

  • Weak Mercury: According to talk to astrologer, wit and humour are related to Mercury and hence weakening of it can lead to problems related to speech, skin problems, ulcers, nerves, itching, pneumonia, jaundice, etc. If Mercury is weak in one’s chart, one can follow the following remedies to correct it. 


  • Wear a stainless steel ring. 
  • Regularly donate rice and milk at temples. 
  • Avoid green colour as much as possible. 
  • Wear a saffron tilak.
  • Weak Saturn: The wrong positioning of Saturn can cause problems such as weakness, stomach pain, teeth or skin problems, pain in the knees, muscle problems, paralysis, hearing defects, etc. 


  • Refrain from drinking buffalo milk.
  • Donate black urad dal to the poor and needy.
  • Helping blind people whenever you can in every way possible.
  • Donating footwear to the needy.
  • Weak Jupiter: Jupiter is responsible for bringing prosperity to life, and its weakening can lead to many problems. If Jupiter is weak in horoscopes, it leads to many diseases such as obesity and cancer and issues related to ears, kidney, liver, diabetes, weak memory, mental problems, etc. 


  • Wearing gold jewellery can prove helpful as it can have positive effects on the birth chart. 
  • Consider helping orphans and poor people more. 
  • Help siblings as much as possible. 
  • Weak Venus: A weak venus is associated with weak sexual powers, and an afflicted venus can mean issues related to the urinary tract, throat problems, jaundice, indigestion, impotence, etc. 


  • Regular reading of the Durga Chalisa Path can help with weak venus. 
  • Use cow ghee at home and also donate at temples. 
  • Considering keeping a silver item at all times can prove to be most beneficial. 
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi regularly to earn her choicest blessings. 

Vastu tips for good health 

  • Save water: As per Vastu, water is an excellent source of health and wealth, and its wastage or misuse can cause serious health problems. Keeping water aside for birds and strays in a bowl is an excellent Vastu remedy and positively affects the well being of a person. 
  • Burn Camphor: According to an astrologer app, burning camphor at home can help remove negative energies, and a blend of lemongrass or neem can purify the air. 
  •  Store food in the right place: Grains and other food-related items should be stored in the southwest direction of the kitchen as it is suitable for good luck and prosperity and promotes healthy food habits. 
  • Clean the house with rock salt: Rock salt can clear out any airborne virus and bacteria. As per Vastu, keep a bowl of rock salt in every corner of the room with an ill person to generate good energy and better health. Keep changing the salt crystals regularly. 
  • Well-lit home: There should be plenty of natural or artificial light coming in at the house entrance. It ensures a feeling of positivity in the household. 


As discovered above, there are multiple ways to ensure good health and healthy and positive surroundings in our homes. These can be instrumental in maintaining good health and, therefore, a stress-free and happy life. Consider resorting to these valuable and harmless astrological and Vastu tips if you are suffering from any disease and its cause is unknown. It is probably because of the presence of an afflicted planet. 

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