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An Overview of the Har Ki Dun Trek:


One of the most well-liked treks among many trekkers and nature enthusiasts is the Har ki dun trek, which is situated peacefully on the hinges of the Garhwal Himalayas. Due to its cradle-shaped mountains, this thrilling hike is also known as a hanging valley.

Because the trails are completely covered in snow and the sun shines through the clouds during the winter, it is also known as the winter-wonderland. The scent of pine will unquestionably enchant your soul during the Har ki Dun trekking, which is accompanied by the calming sights of deodar trees.

Directions to Dehradun:

Dehradun can be reached by air, train, or road. The Dehradun junction is the closest railway station, and it is well connected to major northern Indian cities, particularly New Delhi. Domestically, Jolly Grant Airport serves Dehradun, and numerous Indian major cities are regularly served by its flights. Through an excellent road network, Dehradun is also served by regular bus services.

Included in the Har Ki Doon Trek Package:

1. Accommodation:

On the remaining days of the trek, you will stay in a guesthouse or camp in Sankri, with three people sharing a tent. The male and female participants share a separate room or tent.

2. Meals:

(Lunch, snacks, breakfast, and dinner). On all three trek days, we provide vegetarian and Jain food that is simple and filling. Equipment for trekking: Each camp has high-quality tents and sleeping bags. Temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius can be tolerated by sleeping bags. Safety gear, such as an oximeter, oxygen cylinders, and a first aid kit will be at the campsite and with the guide/trek leader in case of an emergency.

5. Expert trek Leaders:

All of our trek leaders have completed basic or advanced courses in mountaineering and first aid.

6. Expert Trek Support Team:

On Har Ki Dun Trekking, certified guides, cooks, helpers, and porters make up the mountain staff.

Sunlight illuminates the vibrant roofs of the snow-covered houses in Osla Village. From Osla, you can reach Har ki Dun, also known as the “Valley of Gods.” As you slowly make your way up the trail to Har ki Dun, you’ll be greeted by awe-inspiring views of snow-capped mountains, lush pine forests, sparkling streams, and a wide variety of plants and animals. You make your way up a steep slope to the most exotic view, which takes a few seconds to catch your breath. With its breathtaking beauty spread out over a snow-covered expanse (October to March) or a lush green meadow (April to September), Har ki Dun invites you into its warm embrace. The calendar depicts a scene with blue skies and a gurgling stream that cuts through lush vegetation.

The area is both beautiful and full of myths;

It is believed that Yudhistir traveled to heaven through this picturesque valley. According to legend, only the Swargarohini peak leads to heaven.

A one-day excursion from Har Ki Dun takes you to the Jaundhar Glacier, which is at the base of the stunning Swargarohini peak. It is at an elevation of 4300 meters. This strenuous hike has steep climbs, rocky outcroppings, rocky terrain, and lasts about 7 to 8 hours. Beautiful mountains and rock formations in a variety of hues make up the landscape on the way, presenting an intriguing environment and extravagant display of divine beauty.

Best time to visit

The Kohinoor of this excursion is Maninda Tal, a glacial lake with crystal-clear water at 3,950 meters elevation. The Jaundhar Glacier is a prized possession on the Har Ki Dun trek. Campground at the foot of a snow-covered mountain under a star-filled sky. The state flower of Uttarakhand, Brahma Kamal, which only blooms at night, is abundant near this magical lake from July to September.

The path from Har ki Dun to Maninda Tal is lined with towering pine and majestic oak trees. This easy hike of three kilometers takes you through charming wooden-house-lined streets and quaint villages. Take in the stunning scenery, the mesmerizing innocence of simple villagers, and the tranquil chirping of mountain birds.

Start your return journey from Har ki Dun on the same trail, reminisce about the journey, take pictures of the picturesque descent, and engage the innocent villagers in lively discussions.


Highlights of the Har Ki Dun Trek Trek to elevations of up to 12,000 feet. above sea level, you’ll be able to see the Swargarohini group of peaks from a new perspective.

Witness beautiful ancient culture, mountain views, forests, grasslands, meadows, rivers, streams, and even an alpine lake on the oldest Himalayan trek route.


Get a chance to explore 2,000-year-old ancient villages and become fascinated by a small portion of the local culture. Listen to the mind-boggling tales about Swargarohini Peak I, II, III, and IV, the bears’ bequest of the mythical stairway to heaven, as you take in the mysterious and exotic flora and fauna of the Himalayas.


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